1. optimusprime

    mercedes 190e 2 litre recon cyl head on ebay

    This is a part is on Ebay .My friend told me it was on there , as some relation of his is selling it .As they no longer have the car . It was recond and info is in the listing on Ebay if interested item number is-12354156670 .You would be happy with this cyl head And the .price is £185
  2. Dee James

    ML270 inlet manifold recon with no flaps

    Came across this and thought it might be of interest to some on here
  3. B

    220 cdi recon turbocharger

    Have a brand new/recon turbo for mercedes 220cdi engines may fit other models think fit sprinter ect looking for £300 ono located in kent call07933484398 for more details
  4. B

    recon 220cdi turbocharger

    Have a brand new/recon turbo for mercedes 220cdi engines may fit other models think fit sprinter ect looking for £300 ono Call 07833484398 located kent
  5. U

    W210 Recon steering rack fitted now getting frequent ! Warning indicator flashing

    So my E300TD had a seal fail on the steering rack. With the help of my neighbour we removed the faulty rack and sent it for refurb. Today we got it back and refitted it to the car. I know the tracking is out at the moment and I'll be taking it in tomorrow to have that corrected but in the...
  6. O

    W221 Recon Turbo

    Hi, to cut a long story short, the W221 I have had the Turbo reconditioned from Essex Turbos (anyone used them?). They were the only place able and willing to do it. Since having the turbo re-fitted the car was still giving off a lot of white smoke, so sent to merc for a diagnostics who said...
  7. O

    S320 CDI 07, recon turbo, blocked fuel injector

    I recently purchased the above mentioned vehicle and I hope you gentlemen could give me some insight or just some moral support that this car will be on the road and amazing to drive once its out of the garage! I know it will it has just been a little hectic and stressful. The car was giving...
  8. R

    W211 recon or new torque converter

    Good afternoon New to the site so please bear with me......... Had my 2003 270CdI estate for a few years now but it looks as if I have the dreaded glycol problem - droning noise between 1400rpm & 2000rpm, juddering, hard gear changes etc etc. Only noticed this over the past couple of weeks...
  9. R

    W168 new gearbox! Recon, refurb, or new? Help please

    Hey all, My girlfriend has a mint w168 evo 2.1L 2003 36,000 miles and she's been told that the MANUAL gearbox needs replacing! She's been quoted the following: New clutch and gearbox = £3,315 fitted. Refurb current = £2,500 (unknown if they can fix, and an assumption that parts won't...
  10. Mercedes cozy

    Mercedes 300CE 24V Recon Head

    Complete with cams, tappets and gears. Ready to fit. Offers
  11. M

    what do you guys recon?

    as some of you will know, my business is erecting signs for estate agents/letting agents. I own the signs and charge per sign erected. Anyway,,in the strong winds the other day,inevitably there are always a few blow down.Wednesday I got a phone call from one of the agents saying a guy had phoned...
  12. GrahamC230K

    Recon Gearbox? Recommendations Please.

    OK, ref my gearbox problem I need to weigh up the cost of having it stripped, diagnosed and repaired and the related downtime of the car, with buying a reconditioned exchange gearbox and having them just swapped over. So, firstly can anyone recommend somewhere to supply or even supply and fit...
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