1. S

    Recondition Parts C200 W203

    Hi Does anyone know of any places to get reconditioned parts for a Mercedes C200 W203 2001 Cheers Mark
  2. biturbo

    ABC Ball joint repair / recondition

    At last someone does the ABC ball joint repair. To slow for me but i might get the old ones repaired and then sold on fleebay. taken from other forum. ABC Shock absorbers - removal, refitting and ball-joint repair - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums
  3. D

    E220 CDi Alternator 'Replace or Recondition?'

    2000 E220CDi Alternator was about to be replaced today, with a 'service exchanged' Bosch Unit, however the wrong model alternator was delivered to the garage and so the garage will have to wait until tomorrow to get it exchanged for the right one and then get it fitted. The cost? £550 INC...
  4. Z

    1988 200T, engine recondition question

    Hi All, I have to change the engine in my 200t 2.0L as one cylinder is damaged. Can I use a standard engine block and my own cylinder head. The camshaft in the 200t is heaver than the saloon version I think this is to accomadate the self leveling suspension pump but I am not sure. I have...
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