1. E

    Reconditioned Injectors?

    I'm looking for a source of refurbed injectors for a 2006 Facelift E220 CDI. It's difficult, as with all things, it's hard to know if you getting quality items from a reputable source, or a bit of a bodge job! Two places I've found from google ads (never a good sign!) are: Specialist...
  2. Beardz

    Reconditioned Turbo's

    Morning all, it looks like my E320 V6 diesel 211 needs a new turbo (oil getting into pipes, creating build up of soot). Purchasing new from MB is cost prohibitive but where would anyone recommend to purchase a reconditioned one from and what price would I be looking at approximately? Many thanks
  3. D

    Reconditioned Turbo's

    Reconditioned Turbo's? Are these as good as new or just a way of putting off the really bad news? Cheers and regards David
  4. C

    reconditioned versus new parts prices

    hello All-- I am conducting a survey into the demand for reconditioned parts. With the 'telephone number" type price tags for new/original parts nowadays, it appears that the demand for reconditioned/rebuilt parts/with guarantee is rising? Can you please help me in my survey, creating a...
  5. C

    Reconditioned Injectors

    If any body looking for diesel repairs try this place excellent service
  6. R

    w124 cylinder head reconditioned

    Fits 280 300 320 and 3.6 cylinder head taken of e320 and sent of for pressure testing ,welding ,skimming , valves reseated . so basically like new for sale £100 call me on 07951023794 I spent £250 on having it reconditioned so bargain at £100
  7. BillyW124

    W124 rear Subframe - reconditioned

    I have a W124 rear subframe that's been completely reconditioned sandblasted and coated black. It has new front and rear (sportline) mounts installed and was ordered from a company in Germany who are Mercedes part specialists. Was going to use it for my own project but got other idea's and...
  8. M

    ABS SBC Pump reconditioned

    Hi can anyone recommend a place that repairs ABS SBC PUMP A0044319912Q1? Reman don't do it. Any help is greatly appreciated
  9. grober

    Mb official reconditioned parts

    Came across this pdf on official MB reconditioned parts on the MB STARTEK SITE. Format seems to be the original part no with 80 appended to the end. e.g. 300CE 124.051 104.980 Fuel Distributor origin part no...
  10. J

    reconditioned steering box for 1998 cl420

    Hi guys can anyone tell me where i might be able to get a reconditioned. steering box for a close 420 I have tried eurocar parts .ms and gsf. but no luck with those guys. i don't want to go second hand if i can help it
  11. G

    E320 engine blown. Recommendations requested.

    Disaster has struck! Timing chain and/or chain tensioners have broken. Either way, the engine went "BANG" and died. The tappets no longer work, no compression to speak of and the hood is still down - so there is no doubt on the diasgnosis nor of my predicament. The questions are: - what to do...
  12. K

    Reconditioned Auto Box? Pro's/Cons?

    Hi i am having my W211 box reconditioned.... I can not afford to fork out 2k+ for a new one.. Anyone have any experiences here with reconditioned boxes? It follows on from the thread below.. Kind Regards
  13. M

    Torque Converter - New or Reconditioned

    Hi there all. After alot of tests, the problem has been narrowed down to the torque converter. Now should i fork out £1000 roughly for MB one or £250 for a reconditioned one? If reconditioned one, then where do i get one? a good reliable supplier? I live in Edinburgh and there is...
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