1. I

    In vehicle video recording

    Looking for a little advice here please. To cut a long story short work have installed trackers on our vans, ok we aren't happy but things aren't going to change. The issue at the moment is the number of "offences" being reported by the device. From my point of view I know it's there so have...
  2. Spinal

    Recording Calls (iPhone/Android?)

    I need to record a phone call... Barring the legalities... what is the easiest option? I don't mind paying for an app... but neither my iPhone nor my android is jailbroken/rooted... Any ideas? M.
  3. kusanku

    Secretly recording conversations

    Totally off topic, apart from the fact that it relates to some programmes that feature cars. What is the law with regards to secretly recording conversations? I see numerous examples on comsumer programmes which seek to unearth unscrupulous traders, where a journalist equipped with a hidden...
  4. flango

    Recording from Sky Box

    I currently have a Sky+ box and a DVD player/recorder, when I want to burn a movie on the sky planner to DVD I just set record on the DVD recorder and transfer from the Sky box by pressing play. Lately my DVD player/recorder is playing up so either I have to replace it or do i? On the same set...
  5. R

    Home recording, MBox 2 etc

    OK guys some help required. I need educated about recording studio stuff! My daughter is studying music and she mentions stuff she uses at school and will use at uni. I'm thinking of helping her with some kit of her own for a surprise. She says she uses M Box2 and Pro Tools LE but that at Uni...
  6. mercmanuk

    recording software and vista

    what recording software does anyone use with windows vista,cant get any version of nero to work or roxio,
  7. Spinal

    Sound recording...

    Quick question; next weekend, the school I work for has been asked to host a intra-school jazz festival. Problem is, they want it recorded. I have a nice high-resolution digital camera, but the microphone is worthless! I was thinking of hooking up an iMac or an iPod to the amp/mixer...
  8. pluggers

    Recording from a radio onto a pc

    What I want to try and do is record from a portable (dab)stereo onto my pc then put it onto an mp3 player to listen later on,Does anyone know if its possible.I thought If I plugged the head phone lead into the "line in" socket on my sound card I could record it that way but cant find a way of...
  9. Thmsshaun

    Recording Internet Radio

    Internet Radio Ok so listening to the radio on the net is there anything I can use to record it for playback at a later date preferably into MP3. Cheers
  10. Benzowner

    Recording Vinyls to PC?

    Does anyone know, is it possible to record vinyl records onto your PC. Is it as easy as plugging the record deck into a USB or serial port, excluding the amp of course, and should you use a magnetic or higher output cartridge?
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