1. HB


    Are there any recruitment consultants on our forum ?
  2. E

    Our recruitment drive continues - Crawley & SE...

    We're recruiting for the best sales teams in the South East! If you think you have what it takes, why not apply to join our Recruitment Day in Crawley on Thursday, 12th July (12pm-6pm)... There are positions in CRAWLEY, CROYDON & COLLIERS WOOD - If you're interested, simply email...
  3. E

    Recruitment Day at EuroCarParts Wembley 26.6.12

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the best place, If a mod needs to move it feel free. Recruitment Open Day - Flag ship site - WEMBLEY Want to come and join the team of Euro Car Parts flag ship store? * We are currently looking to add some team members to our existing team and due to the...
  4. E

    More Recruitment days this month!

    Hi Guys, We are continuing our recruitment drive this month to enroll talented individuals who can effectively contribute to our ever increasing team here at Euro Car Parts! There are two open days slated for this month – 14th Feb at Wembley – to recruit for Isleworth, Wembley & our NEW...
  5. E

    Recruitment Open Days In January

    Hi Guys, Not TOO sure if this is the best place to post, however i've had quite a few members over the past 6 months asking about jobs @ EuroCarParts With 15 new branches opened last year, and another 20 this year, We are always on the look out for talented individuals to join our winning...
  6. Spinal

    Recruitment Agencies

    I'm considering my career paths at the moment, and amongst those I'm considering contacting a recruitment agency... What are your views on these? The way I see it, as they charge 10-20% of your salary, this would mean they have your salary in mind when placing you... But I've never used...
  7. Donza

    Recruitment consultants....necessary evil..

    I had an interview with one today. Made me wait half an hour. I got to the point where i grabbed my suit jacket and my document wallet and was about to walk out of the door. Yet she told me she had to no choice but see me at that time, even though i was stuck in a meeting with the Finance...
  8. dchaddah

    Recruitment HELP!

    In need of help please.....! Im going for a 2nd interview tomo at a recruitment company for the role of a Junior Consultant and have been asked to do presentation on: "How would I approach setting up a new Desk?" IS there anyone here who is in recruiment and can point me in the right...
  9. Rumble

    Any legal eagles about? Recruitment agency not paying up!

    Hello all, Was wondering if anyone could advise on the following problem. My wife was working on a temporary job as an occupational therapist through a recruitment agency (she was working as an employee of a limited company, which invoices the recruitment agency that then charges the...
  10. L

    Anyone in recruitment?

    Hi All After a little advice, I am considering a career change as B2B sales just is not exciting me anymore, looking at a few options but recruitment looks a possible. Anyone in recruitment at present and can give me some pointers?? Cheers Mark
  11. Tan

    IT recruitment agents

    Hi I need some help, I looking for a good recruitment agent to get me back into Commercial IT. I have been self employed for a couple of years and have mainly been working for smaller companies and doing other Technology projects. I have spoken to most of the big players but they are not...
  12. S

    Recommended IT recruitment agencies?

    I think there is going to be another round of redundancies at my workplace and I will be among the casualties this time round. It's been a long time (probably 10 years) since I have written a cv, I definitely need some help in polishing and updating my cv. Any suggestion as to where I may find...
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