1. flying haggis

    car recycling

    even the supermarkets seem to think there is money in it ;)
  2. D

    local council re-cycling

    Our local council has changed the way re-cycling operates . Before the items were placed in plastic bags and the refuse collectors threw them into a cart segregated into compartments for glass,plastic/cans paper etc.Now we have to use re-usable bags and they are tipped by the collectors into...
  3. flango

    A perfect example of how the UK views recycling

    Unbelievable and not the fisrt time this has happened China and India also have complaints against the UK. Full story HERE
  4. Spinal

    Recycling Shredded Paper

    I've made it a policy to shred any and all paperwork that comes out of my house/office. This included adverts (this way, if you recompose something, the chances of it being valuable are decresed) Problem is, I've just been told that I cannot put my usual bag of shredded paper for kerbside...
  5. 94mattda

    Exhaust.... Talk about recycling

    Gina my sister aka gina2201 had a look under her car today as the exhaust had a little rattle..... to hers and my supprise look what we found........ talk about recyling a beer can By etondan, shot with DSC-W55 at 2008-02-23 By etondan, shot with DSC-W55 at 2008-02-23
  6. mark.t

    Recycling who joins in

    Well having thought about it lets see if I can justify it as my wife recycles with zest . first of all the plastic bin which was produced for the recycled material ...on mass . then the waste of water as the tins are washed out and the labels removed average flow 9lit per min x zillions...
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