1. K

    SLK 1.8 CARLSSON - Reduced to £7500

    My brother has his immaculate 2005 SLK 1.8 Manual for sale on Autotrader and will offer it to anyone interested on here for £1500 less than the asking price. He's a decent chap and it's a good car. Here's the ad: Mercedes-Benz SLK 1.8 SLK200 Kompressor 2dr
  2. B

    Engine Management Light & reduced power

    Hi all, first time post. I've just acquired a 2011 Vito 116 CDI blue effieciency but having a couple of issues already. So I've driven a few times to Cornwall from Buckinghamshire and back on day trips recently. On all occasions on the return the leg the engine management light has come on and...
  3. B

    CLK 270CDI diesel consumtpiom reduced from 45/mpg to 23 mpg after MOT done

    Hi everyone, Wondering if you would have come across similar scenario: My consumption of my 270 cdi has been always really good, with most time computer showing an average 45mpg. I just recently had my MOT done and it passed with flying colors, no advisories. But since then, my computer seems...
  4. H

    CLS 350 CGI 2008 Check Engine + reduced power

    Hello, about two months ago I bought CLS 350 CGI 215kW with 144 000km. Car seemed to be in perfect condition which was confirmed by check and diagnostic by authorised mercedes service. Now all of the sudden I got the Check engine light and car lost nearly all of its power. No other message on...
  5. Ditch

    Reduced efficiency on brakes

    As part of the deal on my car , a 2012 c220 estate ,the B3 service is a freebie. It involves amongst other things changing the brake fluid. Upon return nothing amiss until I drove it. In a word the brakes don't work as well as they did when it went in !!! No other brake parts were changed...
  6. STUR32

    Vito 122 SportX. 14reg

    This is as above, a totally unmarked, immaculate V6 3 litre SportX which has only done 15000 miles, it's been used as a car and the dirtiest thing that I've ever had in it is my Mrs, no dogs, motor bikes or cement mixers. If your looking for one of these then you know they come with...
  7. Palfrem

    Reduced G Wagen up North

    Used 1995 MERCEDES-BENZ G CLASS 300 GEL Auto for sale in West Yorkshire | Pistonheads They have had it for sale for ages but have recently taken £4K off the price. Looks quite nice. Not sure about the colour?
  8. DSM10000

    Slightly lumpy idle, reduced throttle response and occasional hesitation....

    Having recently replaced the alternator, water pump and a/c condenser plus an MOT pass without any problems last week I was looking forward to a few months trouble free driving in the C320. However, over the last couple of days the idle has become a little low and unstable (no stalling)...
  9. Optimus prime

    E63 reduced for quick sale

    Guys pls see my advert in the for sale section. Car reduced would prefer it goes to a forum member otherwise I will be trading it in after the weekend. Currently cheapest in the UK ! Pls have a look Thanks
  10. K

    Drastically reduced W126 500 SEL. Sort of.

    Ironside consignment (I guess) price £6k: Mercedes 500 SEL ( 126-series ) For Sale (1991) on Car And Classic UK [C579744] Owner price £2750 ONO: Mercedes 126 500SEL For Sale (1991) on Car And Classic UK [C605388] I wonder if Ironside's rule of thumb sticker prices are always 50% more than...
  11. Palfrem

    Reduced G Wagen?

    MERCEDES G WAGON WAGEN G 280 GE G CLASS 230 300 500 AUTOMATIC 1 OWNER FSH | eBay Is this the G that was on 4 Star Classics for yonks at £17995?
  12. D

    Mercedes W203 Saloon Genuine Roof Bars REDUCED To £80

    REDUCED To £80 for the next 4 DAYS then going on Ebay.Sold my car and have a set of Mercedes C-Class (W203) Saloon Roof Rack Bars (2001-2007). This is a branded Mercedes Roof Rack to suit the C-Class W203 Saloon range (as per the photo on Gumtree cannot upload here). All locks are present and...
  13. D

    Price Reduced, My 2010 E350CDI Estate

    Hopefully more realistically priced this time :-) Used 2010 Mercedes-Benz E Class E350 CDI BLUEEFFICIENCY SPORT for sale in Lincs | Pistonheads
  14. N

    CLS55 Supercharger Belt for reduced pulley

    Might be a silly question but do I need a shorter supercharger drive belt for a reduced pulley? I've found my current belt off the pulleys, at the bottom of the engine & split in 2, and an ESP message on the dash. To make things worse, I need the car for the weekend :mad:
  15. yorkshiregit

    Price reduced SLK registration, great christmas present!

    S783 SLK down to £150 + fees, mot expires in two weeks, cost £500 minimum on registration sites, great christmas present.
  16. tonyc280

    Reduced speed

    have noticed and i don't know why but I've started driving a lot slower than i used to. Ie 45-50 in a 60 limit and 60 on the M Ways. I just don't feel compelled to go any faster at all and hate it. Think i'm going through a mid life crisis at 56. God knows whats going to happen when i get back...
  17. H

    C220cdi reduced economy

    Hi our 2002 C220 CDI seems to have lost about 10-15% of its average miles to the gallon, any ideas anyone. Thanks
  18. T

    Key Fob Reduced Range

    Yesterday both my keys seem to have developed a reduced RF range fault, previously they would lock\unlock the car from a good 10m or so but now you have to be near the front of the car, no more than a metre away for them to work, It's not the batteries as the spare key hardly gets used and is...
  19. Gollom

    **Reduced Price** For Sale: W203 C220CDi Sports Coupe Evo spec (2002)

    Now at greatly reduced price - marriage to pay for! :bannana: Also on AutoTrader & PistonHeads 3 Door Coupe Automatic Silver Panoramic Roof 17” Alloys Black Heated leather seats Memory Seat Front & Rear Parktronic Headlamp washers ABS Cruise control Front armrest Folding rear seats Immobiliser...
  20. W

    New E350 Diesel reduced power from 265 to 252?

    Did I read the spec right? They look to have reduced the power on the big Diesel (or am I comparing PS to HP?). iirc. 265 ps is 262 bhp.
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