1. davidbilyk


    Well good morning all and a happy Friday!! Having been in a 1.5 hour meeting at work this morning, I (and about 150 others) are being laid off! This is the first time for myself and will be the only break from employment for 12 years!!! Has anyone been through it? Or know the first thing to...
  2. smillion

    What's your most redundant "extra"/function on the car?

    It occured to me today that in the 6 years I've owned my E class I have only used the headlight washers twice, and the last time was to spray the monkeys off the front of the car at Longleat. (And yes, I know, what the hell was I doing going through Longleat's Monkey enclosure.) I think its...
  3. WLeg


    Me. Just been told. Slightly p***ed off about it, but hated the job and boss anyway.... I'm only mentioning because I have a little side-line, which I am now going to go full tilt on......hoping to become the next Richard B or Stavros.... So please spread the word..... Linky to my...
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