1. chubbs111

    ref clock

    i originally had the wrong command fitted to my 1999 e320cdi so i have removed it and fitted an aftermarket stereo however i still can not set the time on the vehicle clock has anyone any ideas please
  2. L

    Mercedes C250 Sport 4 door 2012 ref

    Hi all, I wonder if you can help me?? I am not sure what air pressure to put in my front and rear tyres?? The instruction inside the diesel cap are not very clear.. It has 18" wheels and most of the time it's just me and my 2 small children. Thanks in advance. Lee Sent from my iPhone...
  3. chubbs111

    ref coolant

    i will be changing my thermostat at the weekend,i will try to save as much as i can,but i was wondering if there is any type of coolant that will mix with mercs coolant.
  4. chubbs111

    ref audio

    can anyone tell me which models of merc stereo is a straight fit into a w208 please,it has the audio 10 fitted but doesnt play copy cds,iwould really like something that maybe has usb or aux in
  5. Miss Ellie

    Hanstons - pls share your thoughts ref R107 refurb

    After taking my '84 R107 to various places to assess it for future bodywork (some small localized rust issues and a respray) I am leaning towards Hanstons in Altincham. I searched this forum for opinions on Hanstons and notice a couple of Hanstons enthusiasts ... and wondered if others have...
  6. chubbs111


    hi guys just seen this on ebay 181052759183 does it look ok is it cheap or about right
  7. mooey

    brake light switch ref clkw208

    After much input from some people good and a bit " rubbish" unquote ( thanks you know who you are) I have solved the problem with my clk. ...hesitation when hitting the gas after throttling off etc. It was the brake light switch, many don't believe me and have certainly let me know. I am telling...
  8. chubbs111

    ref tablet

    hi guys i need some tech advice please.ive just ordered this item. NATPC 9.2" Economy Android Tablet PC . i have ordered it from present my brother-in-law connects his laptop to the internet with a vodaphone payg dongle via the usb port.what i need to know is how will he be able to...
  9. M

    Ref c220 2002 interior heater

    I need help my heater is working but it is not putting out any great heat at all I tried all settings possible with winter on our door steps and not great heat in the car maybe the settings are not right ???????
  10. chubbs111

    ref saab 95

    hope this is in the right section is there anyone clued up on saabs started up this morning and engine warning light came on is there anyway to read codes other than dealer ie pedal test
  11. chubbs111

    ref paint

    hi guys can anyone tell me if my car has laquer on the paint or not its a 1997 w202 in black (not metalic)
  12. chubbs111


    not sure if this is the correct section so appols if not my brother in law has an old ibm think pad its been fine up until he just tried to connect a cable from my router to his laptop and now its saying operating system not found can anyone help please
  13. chubbs111

    ref machine polishing

    is there anyone thats clued up on machine polishing i bought a da polisher and need to know what compound/polish to buy and what pads its a black car with minor swirls
  14. chubbs111

    ref water

    on my w202 when i open the n/s rear door (which is rare) water runs from the bottom of the door is there a drain hole somewere
  15. chubbs111

    ref headlamp switch

    hi guys is the headlamp switch on a w202 illuminated i took the cover off the switch thinking the bulb had blown but there doesnt appear to be a bulb
  16. chubbs111

    ref clocks

    can i pick your brains please ive been offered a set of white clocks complete with binacle from a 97 w202 sport will they fit into a 97 c200 and will i have to make any changes or mods and if they are from a 6 cylinder will it make any diff fitting to a 4 cylinder...
  17. chubbs111

    ref anti freeze

    hi guys 1997 c200 which type of anti freeze do you recomend i will be draining the system and refilling so im not mixing brands
  18. chubbs111

    ref tyres

    my w202 is running on 195 65 15 steels i have a set of 16inch alloys that im getting refurbed but what size tyres should i fit so that it doesnt affect the speedo
  19. chubbs111

    ref parts

    hi guys i need to replace the 2 rear rubber brake pipes on my 97 w202 can anyone recomend where i can buy them from other than the stealers please.and i intend to replace the brake fluid at the same time is any brake fluid ok or does it have to be a certain spec
  20. chubbs111

    ref paint

    hi guys ive got a 97 c200 in black i went to halfrauds to get a touch up kit and it only had primer and colour when i asked about laquer the chap said that my model of car did not have laquer only paint is this right?
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