1. W

    Top Gun Refinishing, Oxfordshire

    Has anyone used this bodyshop? Need to get some quotes and these are within walking distance of my home.
  2. SilverSaloon

    chrome painting / refinishing / repairing chrome

    hi 2 corners on my R107 have damage to the chrome (rust) on the bumpers and the chrome finish is split. although this will be something i will most probably live with for now (the rear bumper atleast as its the most expensive at over £200 for a new part). The front corner bumper part is...
  3. M

    Wheel refinishing in Glos?

    My W124 300TE requires just one of the 8 hole alloys to be refinished. Laquer is badly lifted and the wheel is both kerbed, and corroded, not by me I add, I have only just bought the car! Can anyone suggest a company to get the job done? Best, Jim
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