1. Palfrem

    Interior mirror - refit ball & socket

    This link to an eBay item illustrates my problem with an interior mirror. 1992 MERCEDES 300 W124 T REAR VIEW INTERIOR MIRROR | eBay I need to get the ball back in its socket but after an hour of faffing and puffing it has defeated me. Either I am too wimpy or there is a Teutonic knack...
  2. L

    NTG2.5 refit in W639 - microphone problem

    Hi, I've replaced the NTG2 in my W639 Vito Sport-X (2007) with an NTG2.5. With all the useful information on this forum I've moved the pins around in the supplementary connector blocks so that the antenna power and Aux-in work fine, the only problem I have is that the built-in microphone just...
  3. superjaz1

    W210 refit phone cradle?

    Hi there, First post here I think! Lots of info already picked up though since I had my W210 E320 just over a year ago, thanks everyone! So far love it and starting to make the odd tweak :-) I'm in the middle of fitting an Apple universal dock to the existing phone cradle, the one that...
  4. Bobsta

    C63 glove box door fell off - how to refit?

    Hi all, I bought an 09-plate C63 yesterday. Loving it... except that last night whilst fiddling around with the iPod connector socket, I must've leaned on the glovebox door a little too hard and it just fell off into the footwell. :eek: I've googled and searched around on the forums and...
  5. loveday

    Removal and refit steering wheel

    Does anyone know if you need any specialised tools to remove a steering wheel on a 2011 C-Class I have the option to purchase a genuine alacantara steering wheel and wondered if it can be changed easily or does it have to be changed by MB, any suggestions people.
  6. D

    Post Refit Rattle.

    Hello Men, I`ve just given the old bus (300td) a well deserved refit, and have acquired a front o/s clonk. The refit consisted of changing oil/filter, ATF/filter, diff oil, glowplugs; and perhaps more relevent, front lower susp. bushes, antirollbar bushes and drop links. Just been road...
  7. zenman63

    how to remove and refit steering wheels?

    I need to remove and refit a steering wheel in my vito, it has multifunctions. I am changing the dash! so need all the help I can get.
  8. K

    Sunroof Cassette and Tube refit. Advise needed.

    Hi, I've got the interior stripped out on my W124 Estate, I've removed a bent tube and cable from the car and the cassette seems in good condition. I know the sunroof cassette unit will need to be removed to fit the new tube, and I'll remove the sunroof panel in case any paint get damaged...
  9. N

    refit to aftermarket headunit

    greetings all.. i have been trying to find out what i need(and where i can get it) to install an 2 din player(thinking abaout the new one from Alpine) the goal here is to be able to compete in emma. (sq) i have an 05-06 w211 (e200) saloon. if you have done this yourself or know annyne who...
  10. amg3.6

    Best way to refit door seals on w202

    Hi guys whats the best way to refit door seals i know last time i did this it took me ages
  11. davein spain

    W208 Removal and refit Headlights

    I have got to Change my headlights over from RHD to LHD to comply with ITV (Spanish MOT) As I have the mechanical aptitude of a goldfish, can anyone give me any guidance as to how to and more importantly should I even try! Unfortunately the garages here in Spain charge like wounded Rhinos!!
  12. S

    W203 Audio 10 refit problem HELP

    HELP, I am trying to refit my audio 10 in my coupe having removed the Sont MP3 and Parrot bluetooth kit. Simply connecting the plugs up - nothing works!! Looking at the pinout on the becker site and comparing my plug I get confused/worried etc my pinouts are as follows Connector A...
  13. R

    Front bumper refit??

    I caught my front bumper on a kerb a couple of days ago and it got pulled out of the sides. I've lined it back up and pushed it back in but it doesn't seem to 'lock' in postion. i.e. it springs back slightly when I push it in. Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to push harder... Any...
  14. T

    How to remove / refit E class door mirrors

    Can anyone advise how to remove / refit the colour-coded door mirror surround (drivers door - folding type) from a 1998 E Class following an "incident" with the garage door please - I would like to replace it with a new one if possible (or at least take it to be repaired without losing the use...
  15. C

    190 Interior Dashboard Remove & Refit

    Hi, Can someone please advies me.... It would appear that i have a leak from my heater matrix (coolant under passenger footwell) and I have been informed by a specialist dealer that the entire dashboard needs to be taken out to replace the part... It is a Mercedes 190 2.5-16 with Aircon, now I...
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