1. J

    Reflex Silver MK4 Golf R32 3dr + Extras 2004

    I have a new project I'm looking to get soon so I'm selling both my Golfs i purchased this after my Bmw 1M, i love these R32's such an amazing car for sub 9k and the noise of these 3.2 v6's with Millteks! (we all like a nice noise on AMG forum ;)) Thought I'd put my ad on here in case anyone...
  2. vealige

    My 2003, 3DR MK4 Golf R32 in Reflex Silver

    For Sale My 2003, 3 Door MK4 Golf R32 in Reflex Silver • Mileage: 56,434 (will increase as car still in use) • Full VW Service History (2 year VW service pack sold with car all services and MOT’s paid for the next two years.) • Next service Due August 2011 including Brake Fluid Change (Car...
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