1. W

    Backing up and reformatting laptop

    Hi everyone, My 2.5 year old IBM ThinkPad T43 has been getting very slow and cluttered over the last few months/year. I'm hoping to reformat and reinstall the OS (Windows XP) later this evening. IBM/Lenovo appear to list most drivers (later versions too) on their website, so that should...
  2. Benzowner

    Reformatting help please

    Well, I have tried everything to get rid of this pop up type bug on my works PC and have decided to refomat the hard drive. Here lies the problem. I only have original XP disc, and no floppy so how do I reformat? Obviously when XP is reinstalled I will need to get all the downloads including...
  3. marcos


    I had to completely reformat my hard drive yesterday as a load of files had simply gone missing. I managed to do it pretty quickly for an idiot like me but I was wondering if I should continue to use explorer or use one of these other ones everyone goes on about. As you can see I even managed...
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