1. V

    No AC: Possible Faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor? (pic - fault codes)

    Hi guys, AC not worked for while in my Vito W639 120cdi, suddenly stopped blowing cold & compressor does not turn on, checked fault codes, not sure what 2nd code means but 1st says faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor. Shall I replace the sensor or could this code have been triggered...
  2. lexman8

    Refrigerant pressure

    Had replacement compressor fitted today. Air is now nice and cold but because of numerous problems with it over the last year I've been monitoring the refrigerant pressure using the climate system in diagnostic mode. I'm puzzled as to why the pressure is typically 4 bar higher when the car...
  3. Apial

    R12 refrigerant conversion to what?

    What is the current acceptable gas that is used as a replacement for systems running R12a? I mentioned R49 to one local firm and they said no to that one. They said they used R134a in conjuction with a special extra type of oil that sat on top of the standard oil. I was told that R18 and R49...
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