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    Wheels refurbed in a gunmetal grey
  2. D

    Alloy wheel losing air - refurb vs new alloy

    Hi All A question not about my car for once! We have a car in the household where one of the (2002 Yaris with 14" rims) alloys is losing air, its had a brand new tyre fitted so we know its not that, the fitter also wire brushed and applied sealant but this has not helped so the options as I...
  3. D

    Recommendations for alloy wheel refurb in Bucks?

    Any got personal experience of a quality refurb service in BUcks My diamond cut alloys on my R172 SLK are all in neeed of a refurb. The previous owner obviously parked by touch....
  4. D

    Alloy wheel refurb recommendations...

    Hi all, I need to get me alloy wheels refurbed back to their original condition. Can anyone recommend where to go please? I'm based in Aylesbury if that makes a difference. The car is a 2015 E63 Saloon. I'll try to upload a photo. As you can see they are two-tone in colour...
  5. MD5

    R129 climate control panel refurb

    Can anyone recommend any companies in the UK that repair/refurb R129 climate control panels please?
  6. Ben320cdi

    Wheel refurb company?

    Can anyone recommend a good wheel refurbishment company. I am based in East Sussex. I am looking to have one wheel straightened and the full set painted and laser cut. All suggestions welcome.
  7. maxypriest

    W124 rear sub frame uprate and refurb questions

    With 105k miles and 27 years under her belt 460ft/lbs is beginning to show the failings of the old rear end – she needs a refurb. I have got myself another sub-frame so the plan is to beef that up and fit new arms and LCA bushes. While it’s off I’ll fit some larger E280 brakes a 210mm 2.65...
  8. T

    Any PICS of Diamont cut AMG wwheels before and after refurb and change to hypersilver

  9. c32pilot

    ECU Refurb

    Hi all. Having a few issues with my C32 at the mo. The dash lights up and throws up a couple of errors & the gearbox goes in to what seems to be a limp mode where it won't change gear. The speedo also goes to zero. If you pull over & restart the car drives fine for another few days untill...
  10. K

    Refurb Alloys

    Anyone attempted to do this themselves?
  11. F

    Alloy refurb recommendations in Birmingham

    Having badly kerbed my front near side alloy I am looking for any recommendations of someone to refurb if possible, in the birmingham area. I am in solihull. Thanks
  12. brucemillar

    Power Steering Rack Re-Furb

    Folks My woeful run of car bad luck continues. Does anybody know who can repair/refurbish a leaking C55 Power Steering Rack please?
  13. D

    Leather refurb recommendation please

    Hi guys - I'm looking for a recommendation for a leather specialist to "connolise" a bolster on my eclass. NW London or Herts if possible would be great. Cheers, David
  14. D

    19" black c63 alloy refurb???

    Has anyone refurbed 19" black c63 alloys? Was the silver outer rim easily applied/re-done?. Thanks David
  15. F

    Wheel Refurb Suggestions - South Coast

    Hi All Want to refurb the factory 18's that came on with the car while I am looking for the new wheels I want. Just want a good painted finish, rather than diamond cut, as I have had enough of water ingression between the metal and lacquer with previous diamond cut finish alloys on other...
  16. O

    Alloy Wheel Refurb (Cardiff/Bridgend/Newport)

    Hi all, I want to get my alloys on my w203 c220 refurbished. I rang a company near to me, in Cardiff, and they quoted approximately £350, which I thought was a bit steep. What is a suitable price for 4 wheels? And does anyone recommend a company around the bridged/Cardiff/Newport/Swansea...
  17. JoeyM88

    Brake Calliper Refurb

    My car was in a couple of weeks ago getting the front bumper sprayed and i asked them to do the callipers for me. They did but as i was missing one of the metal plaques that clips on the side they did not do the one that was there. I managed to get another one and sprayed these myself. Seen as...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    DIY Wheel Refurb

    Bought a 2nd hand rear alloy recently which was in a less than perfect state, so armed with Halfords 744 Brilliant Silver, Primer and Laquer 400 Wet & Dry & Megs Cutting compound I had a go and refurbing it myself. Not perfect but a great improvement: Apologies for the phone photos, I will take...
  19. M

    Alloy wheel refurb - diamond cut

    Hi, Anyone recommend me a company to have 19" alloys to be refurbished. Machine polished face. Have checked lepsons, anyone else? Much rather here from people who have had them done. Thanks
  20. T

    issues after a wheel refurb

    Had all 4 alloys refurbed at Lepsons. This was about 2 years ago. Wheels came back pristine. 2y later I can see this around some of the hubcaps What is this? Seems to be some form of corrosion. Its not been scratched on anything. These are my summer wheels and are taken off for...
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