1. Graham21

    ARNOTT Rear Springs or Refurbished Merc Ones??

    So sadly my new exciting purchase was short lived. Only bought the car just over a week ago. I've not really driven the car much since the run back from London. Turns out the compressor is failing STAR tests when cold but clearing once warmed up. This is due to the near side rear air spring...
  2. O

    W204 8J wheel refurbished

    I have a recently refurbished AMG diamond cut front wheel. The work was carried out in Bristol by a MB wheel specialist. Attached to this wheel is a Continental Contact tyre 225 x 140 R18 with at least 8mm of tread. Since the wheel was refurbished it has not been fitted to the car and the...
  3. N

    Wheel refurbished today

    Hey all , as Sunday is the only day I have spare to get things done for the cls , I picked a wheel up yesterday and it was in a state , so had ago at refurbish it today , it's not perfect but better than what it was , i only needed one because the car was a right off driver side an the wheel was...
  4. A

    Wheels Refurbished

    Evening all, got my wheels done this week, just thought i'd post a couple of pictures of the work, the place done a fabulous job i thought given that one of them had the slightest of kinks after i didn't notice a pothole in the road :dk::D partially the reason why they were done. I also took...
  5. M

    Refurbished Genuine AMG 18 Inch Alloys - How Much??

    Hi folks, First of all, I haven't posted this in the For Sale section as I really am trying to get some ideas on how much I might get. I've had my spare set of AMG alloys refurbished from my S204 Estate, with a view to selling them to recoup some of the money I’ve been shelling out...
  6. c32andy


    very happy with my newly diamond cut alloys my cars looking great
  7. H

    painted callipers and wheels refurbished

    I posted these over on the AMG Lounge section but thought they would be relevant here may give people some inspiration when having their wheels done or callipers painted. if anything, it might rule out what not to have as the colour on the callipers is proving a bit marmite. The...
  8. 350_Coupe

    Wheels 18 Amg Genuine, Refurbished W204 C Class 2007

    Mercedes Alloy Wheels 18 Amg Genuine, Refurbished W204 C Class 2007- Original OE | eBay Tidy looking for the money, auction currently at £400, Ipswich area
  9. kam05

    Alloys refurbished

    Just picked up my w204 C220cdi from The Wheel Specialist in Leeds after a full refurbishment of my alloys. Also had new centre caps, wheel bolts and locking bolts fitted. Also a full set of Vredestein Ultrac Sessentas tyres fitted too. I've had the newer black bolts fitted as fitted to the newer...
  10. W

    For Sale - Set of Genuine 18" AMG IV Alloy Whees/Tyres - Fully Refurbished W211 E55

    For Sale - Set of 4x AMG 18" Alloy Wheels and tyres. These are known as AMG 'IV' style and were fitted as standard to the E55 Kompressor model W211 from the factory as well as being an option on other MB models. I have a set of four with the optional wider rears - 9J on the back and 8J for...
  11. T

    18" amg iv alloys for sale w204 refurbished

    I am selling a set of 4 genuine AMG ALLOY wheels. Surplus to requirements. 2 front and 2 rear alloys, professionally refurbished by BJV Engineering, so in as new condition. Part Numbers: A204 401 4102 (8Jx18 H2 ET50) A204 401 4202 (8.5Jx18 H2 ET54) Can only upload 3 photos but all 4 are as...
  12. BIG_G_1979

    17" Ankaa alloys just refurbished mint!

    Hi guys anyone interested in these? Just been refurbished and pick them up on Friday also have 4 new centre caps for them pm if interested wheels located in n.ireland but courier can easily be arranged
  13. R

    w124 3.2 fully refurbished head

    I have a head for E320 which I had wealed skimmed valves reseated and pressure tested spent 200 getting all that done then bought another complete engine so I have the fully refurbished head for sale I am looking for £150 call me 07951023794
  14. D

    For Sale: W164 ML 22" Lorinser RS9 Alloys freshly refurbished.

    I sent these off to be refurbished yesterday from black back to the original silver like one I first bought them: All tyres have good tread, I'd say minimum 5mm. Very very rare for these to come up for sale second hand, these are on eBay for £3,500 without tyres and they're meant to...
  15. S

    18" AMG V - Newly refurbished!

    Not had these on the car long. Thinking I prefer my old ones :doh: Powdercoated in Satin Black with Diamond Cut Lip. As new condition. No buckles, welds, kerbing, etc. £1,200 collect or meet halfway. Please note they are still on the car so will be a couple of days before they are ready...
  16. chopper_harris

    For Sale - Refurbished AMG II's

    I have a set of immaculate AMG IIs, which were refurbished by Prestige Wheels. 2x 7.5J x 17H2 ET35 (202 400 0302) ... 2x 8.5J x 17H2 ET30 (202 401 0102) ... Intended for my A124 Cab, I have found a set of the original and correct AMG II's with ET42 offset, so these are up for grabs. Ideal...
  17. CockneyPlayboy

    19" Genuine AMG Alloys (freshly refurbished)

    NOT to be confused with the cheaper replicas or knock-off versions, these are the real deal that came as standard with my CL55 AMG (a car that was over £100,000 when brand new!) This means they are the ones with the flat wide spokes and deeper dish on the rears. (Car pictured not...
  18. Chaz

    Spare wheels whilst mine get refurbished

    Looking for some help here if anyone has a spare set of wheels they can loan me whilst I have mine refurbished. I've got 19" AMG's on my CLS which are in desperate need of a refurb especially as the near side rear has a small crack about 1in on the back side of the rim. Have planned to have...
  19. ss201

    Carat Duchatalet wheels x 5, refurbished

    Set of five rims, four with tyres. All rims just refubished. Rim size is 15" x 7J ET 35. 4 x centre caps, with centre cap bolts included. Carat Duchatalet logo on one centre cap. Tyres are 185 65 15. Two have about 4mm of tread, two have about 3mm. Not the best brands in the world (mix of...
  20. J

    W124 suspension just refurbished, now strange noises

    Just picked my car up after having the following done to it: replaced front and rear ARB bushes replaced steering damper replaced rear lower balljoints replaced both sets of ties rods replaced diff mounts The difference is amazing, with the car rolling smoothly over bumps and potholes...
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