1. Calcifer

    Refurbishing Diamond Cut Wheels

    Anyone have had experience of having their wheels done? I would like to have mine done at short notice (this week) in the North West area. Previously I read some people mention a company down south who refurbish to OEM finish but I cannot seem to find its name :( Thank you for any...
  2. M

    Refurbishing Alloys

    I have some split rim alloys that appear to have a chrome rim around the outside. A couple of these have been kerbed can anyone recommend someone in Leeds that can refurb these.
  3. Ermir

    rims refurbishing

    Hi guys, I have recently refurbished my 17" rucha alloys and w203. I used 744 and three layers of clear. I left hem dry for three days before mounting the tires. After the second car wash, i have noticed the there are some spots where the paint is peeling. These points are in the bolt holes...
  4. MBE320

    Wheel refurbishing...... Bournemouth Poole

    Anyone recommendations? Used one many years ago in Poole near Macro's cash and carry, did a decent job but found them a bit pricey.
  5. Cigano

    Alloy wheel Refurbishing ?

    Any of you guys had your alloys done , i was gonna have a couple of mine done but a mate of mine told me that when he had his done the finnish chipped and cracked off ? :confused: Whats the pros and cons guys ?
  6. D

    refurbishing alloys

    any one now how much it cost to refurbish 18" alloy wheels or now of a good company down southeast
  7. GrahamS

    Refurbishing headlight it possible

    Hope this is in the correct section but I am curious if anyone has attempted to sand and polish headlight covers to remove the damage from years of wear and tear rather than buy new headlights. I have had a go at cleaning and then polishing with Plast RX by Meguiars which did ok and have also...
  8. R

    Alloy Refurbishing in Northampton

    Just dropped my A160 to Wheel Clinic here in Northampton - they were having a special event today - moved to a new premises, so 20% discount was on offer :thumb: I had this car for just over three months and the amount of curbing achieved by previous owner, together with some corrosion, was...
  9. GrahamS

    Refurbishing wheels in Sussex

    Hi All As the title says is there anyone in the Sussex area that has had a set of Merc W208 CLK wheels refurbished and would they recommend the company/ person that did the job for them. They are the original wheels with quite a lot of corrosion and I believe they are painted metal as opposed...
  10. A

    refurbishing alloy wheels

    can anyone advise me, my alloy weels on my e class want refurbishing I have had a price of £45 per wheel and they want to keep the car for about 4 days is this about the right price? And if I had them done how long would they last for.
  11. jaymanek

    Rimstock/Rimfurbish - Wheel Refurbishing - The Best?

    Following on from ringways thread, These guys are pretty darn good. I dropped these wheels off three weeks ago and they came back yesterday. They had bad previous refurbs and so I asked for the full...
  12. RaceDiagnostics

    refurbishing r107 seats

    Have bought a kit from these guys Leather Colourant Kit to bring my seats back to life. Any hints on how to remove the seats from the car.
  13. M

    Refurbishing AMG III wheels

    Need to get 3 of my AMG III wheels refurbed. I'm assuming the lip is diamond cut, is there anyone on here who can refurb these wheels or make a suggestion of a good company? Cheers
  14. H

    Alloy Wheel Refurbishing - Surrey

    I have just completed the refurbishment of my 2001 CLK coupe and one of the jobs that needing doing were the alloy wheels. These were in a terrible state and I had even been considering replacing them with new. Having searched high and low for a company that actually refurb wheels properly, I...
  15. Goldfish11

    Changing or refurbishing wood and leather steering wheel

    The leather on my steering wheel on my EClass W211 is starting to wear. The finish on the leather is breaking down so you can see darker leather beneath. My car has an Orient beige interior so it is becoming quite noticable. Is it possible to refurbish this leather to make it like new? How...
  16. Mudster

    Quality Wheel Refurbishing

    Can someone point me in the direction of a quality refurbisher, preferably local to Gatwick (reasonably). I've had experience with spit and polish and have never been happy with the finish, mainly because I don't usually want just a standard job. Generally I want painted/powder coated centres...
  17. PaulE230

    Spent the day refurbishing my alloys wheels it took me 8 hours and my fingers hurt!

    But They look loads better not perfect but better Next time I think I will leave it to the proffesionals as I bet it doesnt take them 8 hours lol Pics at the bottom of this thread
  18. Carrotchomper

    Alloy refurbishing

    Hello, I'm sure someone mentioned this a while back, but I can't find the thread. Does anyone know of any decent places near Bristol who would refurbish my alloys? I've just bought a Volvo S40 for a song but the fronts in particular look very tatty and could really do with some attention. I...
  19. jaymanek

    Guess who's an agent for Pristine Alloy Wheel Refurbishing!

    Yep, If you are in the midlands and need wheels refurbing, contact me and club members will get discount. We are located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Thanks Jay
  20. L_A

    Wheel Refurbishing

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of any cheap places in the north east area where i could get a set of O.Z operas refurbished from very similar to amg styling 2 i think. I have amg 18s on the car and was just going to use these as winter wheels thats why am not really fussed about the finish them they...
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