1. astamir

    Alloy wheels refurbs

    Hi guys got a set of 20" deep dish wheels for my w211 estate and they need a refurb ideally would want the inner part in a gloss shiny black with polished outer lips Can anyone suggest any good place in London and roughly how much it would cost? Thanks in advance
  2. SportsCoupeRich

    Bathroom re-furbs.

    Looking to move once my chain is complete (have sorted upward (or downward seeing as I am downsizing), now trying to tie up the offer on my place to sell). The place, all being well, that I will move to has the following bathroom things I want to sort: 1x Ensuite in smallest bedroom. This will...
  3. Splodge

    Mexican Hat alloy refurbs

    Time to think about taking off the winter steels & tyres. Alloys need refurbing but does anyone know if Rimfurbish or A1 wolverhampton can produce a finish like the ones shown on the following car; Mercedes-Benz : 300-Series - eBay (item 260732578869 end time Feb-14-11 17:00:00 PST) Never...
  4. D

    Alloy Refurbs in West Mids

    I've got a badly scuffed alloy (oddly I'm not sure even when it happened) that has taken the coating off the high point of one of the wheel spokes. Where can you get them refurbished for a reasonable price around either B'ham or Stoke?
  5. coshy

    Wheel refurbs in bristol - Advice

    Hi, just wandering if anyone knows where i can get my wheels refurbed near bristol? Cheers Tim
  6. altreed

    South Coast Wheel refurbs?

    Hi Does anyone know of a decent refurb outfit on the south coast. I have a set of 17" style 2's and 18" style 3's to be treated. Thanks Dave
  7. ET4

    Wheel Refurbs?

    Hello All, Where's the best place to get ur wheels refubished? I've used a well advertised local company in Manchester on my previous E320 .. but to be honest they looked cleaner but not great :( I'm after that sparkle you get from new rims.... is this too much to ask? I'm based in the...
  8. jdrrco

    Alloy Wheel Refurbs

    My E270CDI hads been into the dealers (MB Harrogate - brilliant!) for minor warranty items today and they have decided I should have three new alloy wheels as mine are flaking a bit. Unfortunately the fourth won't get changed as the previous owner (of course!) had scuffed it slightly. I know...
  9. R

    Recommended Wheel Refurbs???

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a wheel refurb in and around the SE (Kent) and the price? Thanks Ian
  10. craigyb

    Wheel refurbs

    Anyone looking for a fast turnaround on wheel refurbs in the NW. Try "Car Cosmetics" in Trafford Park. I used them to refurb 5x 20" Audi 9 spokes and they did them in 3 days with execellent results. Craig
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