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    E320 refusal to start

    2005 E320 W211. Today, for the first time, the car refused to do anything when I attempted to start it. Lots of key twiddling followed, for possibly five minutes. Then, as suddenly as it had stopped responding, it decided to react and the engine started. My journey was short, possibly...
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    SBC pump goodwill refusal

    I would not normally cross refer to the "other UK forum" but a member has posted his letter from MBUK refusing goodwill on an E-Class SBC pump replacement. Car is under 5 years old and under 30k miles. As most know, the pump has a 10 year warranty in the USA (see addendum below) - this does...
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    Stealer refusal

    Hi, I wanted an ipod kit fitted to my 2005 w203. I purchased the bracket and interface from the mb online parts website. I phoned my dealer to ask to make an appointment to have it fitted and they are saying that because I didnt order the parts via them, they will not do it. They hadnt even...
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    Westwoods in Blackburn and LPG Refusal to look at vehicles

    Currently being resolved.
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