1. C

    Cls 500 sometimes refuses to start

    Hi all I'm new to mercedes and purchased a 2005 cls500 3 weeks ago , however when I was having the bumper sprayed the you sent me a message saying it would not start , then later it started , last weekend I went out in it all OK but when I stopped for fuel it wouldn't start , it was stuck on...
  2. Seank791

    W202 instrument cluster stops and refuses to start

    Hi guys my 1997 w202 c250td has developed a fault when I press the brake pedal or engage reverse gear the instrument cluster immediately stops working but the engine will continue to run until the car comes to a stop or the engine revs drop to the point where the car stalls, as soon as I remove...
  3. E

    C220 CDI Refuses to start...

    Im looking for some advice please. Car is a W204 C220 2008. Yesterday everything was ok. At 5pm last night I went to drive home and the car would not start. The headlights came on, mirrors folded out, door unlocked and the speedo dial lit up with the mileage etc - but nothing else works...
  4. C

    260 E W124 aircon refuses to work

    hi guys. so before i get to the problem a few things to mention when i got the car the nut on the low side of the pipes that leads to the inside was loose. the compressor was seized the condenser had a leak so the problem this aircon refuses to work even though the compressor has been...
  5. B

    Clock refuses to display correct time

    Hi, my first post as I'm new to the site and MB ownership. I've got a 2003 E320. I tried to reset the clock as per the usual way, as it was an hour slow when I got the car. The hands spun around and settled on a very different time to that I had entered via the controls. I've tried...
  6. grober

    Carlos Tevez refuses to play

    Yes last night Carlos Tevez refused to play last night when substituted by manager Roberto Mancini during the closing part of the match against Bayern Munich. What was not reported that he also threatened to take the ball home and tell his mum. :rolleyes:
  7. d w124

    A poor man refuses $1.000.000 prize

    Took this from the other forum,what do you guys think? Mathematician rejected $1 million prize 'because it is unfair' - Telegraph
  8. S

    W202 C240 Refuses To Start....

    Unfortunately, my 1st post here is the subject of a problem with my car. The car is a 1999 W202 C240 Sport Auto Estate. Yesterday, I drove 5 miles to our local filling station in it, parked the car, was gone for 5 mins or so, and when I returned, it refused to start, or even turn over. I had...
  9. R

    X5 refuses to roll over

    HERE Refuses to roll
  10. Satch

    PC refuses to boot

    Argh! Just cycles and throws up: Invalid boot .INI file Booting from C:\windows\ NTDETECT failed Ideas/solutions very welcome!
  11. P

    E240 98 refuses to go above 20mph

    I have a 1998 E240 that I've now owned for 4 years and 45,000m. It has done 92,000 miles in total. Never had a problem with the car till now. I went on a 3 week holiday and came back and drove the car once and it drove fine. I left it for a week since it didn't have an MOT. The next time I...
  12. A

    bulb warning light refuses to go off

    my bulb failure warning light refuses to go off. It illuminates within a few seconds of the sidelights being switched on and refuses to go off. All the bulbs are working and I've taken them all out and cleaned the contacts, replacing the two rears which were mismatched. Now my head...
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