1. B

    Sl320 r129 engine cut out my P reg 320 cut out three times the is morning throwing up

    It cut out three times mange to restart it twice but the third it had to recovered on a lowloader Any suggestion Any suggestion Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. AngryDog

    2004 (54 reg) W211 E55 Oil cooler

    Is this likely to be below my radiator? I want to fit a larger Heat Exchanger but I have read that some cars have the oil cooler in the way? Thanks.
  3. H

    Unusual reg plate

    I have a Mercedes Vito with the registration plate M4 VTO. I would like to sell the plate and the van. Is anyone interested?
  4. A

    V888 MSL Reg Plate

    Having now sold my SL55 I have the reg no. on retention. Not done this before but a quick look at the DVLA site and it says it costs nothing to assign it to another vehicle. If you have a V8 Merc SL you may like to...
  5. N

    Breaking: W124 Estate 1990, 'G' reg

    WDB1240902F131848 Smoke silver, M103 3.0, 7 seater with beige / honey cloth interior. Pretty much all still there, let me know if you are looking for anything.
  6. D

    320 clk r reg 1997

    Time to say goodbye to my old friend. 320 sport auto runs beautifully gearbox smooth as, all elecs work windows mirrors htd front seats. Offside front wing had it. Alloys decent condition. Scrapman will gladly take away but i think he deserves better treatment after such faithfull service.
  7. Shala

    W202 C220 CDI W reg red

    looking for a red c220 cdi on w202 shape. this is to replace 1 that was written off 4 years back. I am starting to miss it now. this is kind of how I want to make it
  8. A

    E320 57 reg Front Suspension

    I've had my E320 estate since Oct 2016, and have noticed that it was a bit clunky when hitting rough surfaces, my local garage that did the MOT said nothing wrong that they could see :dk:, and have recently noticed a creaking at slow speed, 5mph to stop or when just starting away. Anyway I...
  9. S

    Needing help with W204 C-Class (62 reg facelift)

    Hello all, I am looking to improve the look of my C-Class as I noticed it could look a lot better. I really need advice on a lot of these things. I don't know much about cars and I am hoping you can help. 1. Window Sill Trim I looked for replacements of these on eBay but could...
  10. acej

    Reg for sale GT65 AMG

    Offers please PM me. Thanks Justin
  11. Myclk55amg

    Private reg plate

    Does anyone know what's the best way or best place to sell a private registration on?
  12. gr1nch

    New 2017 reg cars

    Here's a bunch from Mercedes Grimsby over the road from them, sitting *very* prettily outside the hotel where I'm staying. Tried to avoid seeing mine, but at the front desk this morning at 6:30am or so, talking to one of the staff over his shoulder, through a window, the stood mine . With that...
  13. Taipan

    Mercedes CLK200k convertible 55 reg, 70k miles, full service history, lovely car

    Up for sale is my 2005 Mercedes CLK200K A209 convertible. Finished in the best and most desirable combination of Obsidian black metallic paint with black leather trim. Refinements include and are limited to, Electric windows Electric power assisted convertible roof Power steering Cruise...
  14. Bruce Wayne

    C63 Estate - W204 - 14 Reg - Steering issue?

    Hi all, wanted to see if anyone else might've experienced the same and would like to engage if this is just how the W204 C63 drives or it could well be a suspension issue? This is at low speed going forward or backwards - When on full lock at the wheel the car will so call “Crab” meaning...
  15. D

    mercedes 300e 4matic lhd polish reg rare model 4wd for parts or repairs

    1990 mercedes e300 4matic AWD, LHD, project rare | eBay
  16. D

    Wrong reg number on my car.

    Driving home for Manchester yesterday around the Penrith area the engine diagnostic light comes on (orange) on the dashboard of our 9 month old E220. I carried on to Carlisle and called into dealership. As it was 5pm on a Friday I imagined I'd have to book it in but they got onto it straight...
  17. C

    new owner of stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM

    hi i am the new owner of stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM. is it possible for anyone to point me in the direction of the last owner please all the best.
  18. R

    E320Cdi Estate - X Reg - Needs fuel pump

    I have an X reg E320Cdi estate which I accidentally misfuelled, the RAC have come and removed the fuel but apparently the fuel pump has gone (not the high pressure one, the one that delivers fuel to that) Anyway, we don't need such a big car and I was looking to sell it anyway, it has 100,000...
  19. R

    X Reg E320 CDI

    Evening all I have recently purchased a E320 CDI and it started and drove home fine, stopped for fuel, stated back up fine. Got home, turned off, took my dad out, got back and then my brother wanted to see the car. Took him out to it and it doesn't turn over. I put the key in, turn the...
  20. M

    My stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM

    Morning People, As you will note, I have had to re-join the MBClub website, as I didn't get any response from administrators regarding forgotten password.:confused: Anyway that aside, no news regarding my cars, my prized SLK32AMG as yet, or my Mitsubishi ASX LL60 BBX, (though to be honest think...
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