1. A

    Good place for air con regas?

    I've looked at some reviews and alot of people complaining that these companies like ATS/Kwik Fit/Halfords tend to cause leaks for air con. I need to have my air con re-gassed anyone recommend where from and costs?
  2. bob6600

    40% off Air Con Regas @ATS

    40% off bringing the price down to £28.79 Does not include anti-bacterial clean but can be added for £10 (normally £20) bringing the total to £38.79. Valid from 1st April - 31st May Get 40% off an Air Conditioning Regas Service | ATS Euromaster or download the voucher HERE They also have a...
  3. Pittsey

    Aircon Regas

    First bit of sun and it has me thinking about a regas. Haven't had it done before so it definitely could do with it. Any recommendations? Not so keen on Halfords or KwikFit I'm in NW London but am also around Windsor a lot of the time
  4. M

    Air Con clean, Regas and interior clean

    Had an email from Lincoln Mercedes offering me a aircon clean and regas with filters changed as ness and the interior including roof liner cleaned and made to smell like a new car for £99. Also a wash which I won't be letting them do!! Is it worth it?? Sorry if this is in the wrong section...
  5. P

    Do I need STAR reset after Air Con regas?

    As above! My AC isnot working, so I will be getting re gassed as the first point of problem sloving. So do I need to get STAR to re set it? Thanks
  6. Spinal

    A/C Regas: Who to Use?

    My car's A/C isn't working, and the a/c clutch isn't engaging. I'm hoping that this is because it has a pressure switch, and as the car has been sitting in a garage for 6 years it's just out of gas. That said, I can't guarantee it; so I was thinking of getting my local group of spanners to...
  7. L

    Before I go to KwikFit for a re-gas

    My 2002 CLK 230 Convertible A208 has air con problems. Spoke to Chilly Willy (really helpful but we're out of his area) and he suggested the condenser is very likely to be the cause of the lack of gas. Before I take it to Kwik Fit for a recharge is it worth changing the condenser as everyone...
  8. ceticcross

    Help please: Air con will not switch on after regas.

    Hi, got my aircon regassed yesterday (03 e320cdi) and now the air con will not switch on. If I press the ac off button it flashes three times then stays lit (red light). This means air con off. Could this be caused by the recharge? Is there something that needs resetting? Any thought much...
  9. C240Sport97

    Recommendation for a/c regas in London

    Need to get my Boxster's a/c regassed .. not done since new, and that was 40 months ago. CLS probably also needs it. Any suggestions of decent places in London or within the M25? Thanks.
  10. U

    Air Con ReGas @ Kwik Fit

    Anyone had a regas @ Kwik -Fit What,s it like ? How much ?
  11. U

    Diy air con regas - anyone used it ??

    Hi Has anyone used a system like this does it work ? R134A CAR AIR CON SYSTEM REGAS RE GAS REFILL AIRCON on eBay (end time 15-Feb-11 12:44:02 GMT)
  12. M

    Air con re-gas query.

    May sound like an odd question-Recently repaired the front end on my 05 CLK 240 which included replacing the air con rad, took it to get re-gassed but found o-ring seals had dried up so was unable to as didn't have replacement seals. Is there just one input valve for the gas on the system to...
  13. Spinal

    Air Condition Regas

    Quick question... I want to regas the shogun's aircon before the desert rally. Is QuikFit still considered the goto place? M.
  14. Darrell

    Air-con re-gas

    How come we see in car ad's that the air con needs re-gassing. Isn't the system sealed like a pressurised heating ststem in a house? Meaning that if it needs re-gassing there must be a leak somewhere? Or am I totally wrong? or just confused?
  15. J

    Aircon regas in the Edinburgh area?

    Anyone got any good, cheap recommendations for garages that can regas a 1995 C180? Anyone got any good/bad experiences with Kwikfits in the area? Cheers James
  16. E

    Best place for aircon re-gas?

    Hi all, Where's the best place to get my W210 aircon re-gassed in the London or surrounding area? Thanks
  17. M

    E220 Estate 1994 Re-gas

    Dear Forum Can anyone tell me how much gas I need on my car's air con. unit? I have been told that it is R134a but I am not sure how much weight it needs. The valves are of the newer type by the way. Many thanks to you all. Marco
  18. John Sweeney

    Air Conditioning Re-Gas.

    Hi folks, The air conditioning in my car needs a re-gas. It was orignially filled with R12 refrigerant, and I know that this is no longer available. The air-con chap said that it was impossible - was he right? Is there any way this can be re-gassed without great expense? Thanks, John.
  19. merc man

    how to regas a w203????

    Hi there all i think its time to regas my w203 c-class after a long trip home i think that my a/c is not cooling the cabin enough, i went to the stealership and they wanted too much money for a regas they said that they want to check for leaks lubricate and give the a/c system a genral service...
  20. Swiss Toni

    How much to re-gas the AirCon in a W123?

    Can anyone give me some idea of how much I can expect to pay to re-gas the AirCon in a late model W123? Cheers :confused:
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