1. T

    Rear DVD Region Code reset

    Hi, I have a problem with my factory fitted rear DVD units on my 2011 GL350. One works fine, but the other rejects DVD's with the Wrong Region Code error. Does any one know the remote control key sequence to get in to engineering mode so I can check the region code settings? - I have found...
  2. C

    CLS 350 2010 Change DVD Region

    Hi there, I have a CLS350 Grand Edition from the UK that is now in New Zealand. I am wanting to change the DVD from Region 2 to Region 4. Is this something a user can do, or does it need to be done by a Mercedes outlet. My stereo I think is the 2009 version with the screen down by the controls...
  3. jacksona

    NTG2.5 - Can it be made Region Free?

    Hi, Is it possible to make COMAND NTG2.5 Region Free so it will play US DVDs? Thanks, Adam. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. S

    Mercedes Car Club-Scottish Region

    Hi guys set up a new facebook page for the scottish region but everyone is welcome, give it a like and post some photos of your cars, cheers:thumb: Mercedes Car Club-Scottish Region
  5. B

    DVD change region on A2128705089

    I have bought a replacement DVD player for the rear of my wife's car. The model number of the DVD is A2128705089 and when I inserted a disc the message 'wrong region' came up. The unit is manufactured in Korea for Mercedes but there are no other identifying features on it. I really don't want...
  6. Majida

    Remap needed in the north west region asap

    Hey folks, I'm after a bit more power from my w211 e320 cdi, runs smooth as silk but I'm wanting more umpff from it, I'm unsure what remaps are available so I need to put in the right hands in getting 1 done, I have a few questions Are there only the chip boxs available for these Mercs I'm...

    BBC - Granada region, off?

    Seems like the Freeview multiplex which BBC TV is on, is off this morning. Anyone else experiencing this? I've had to resort to Sky:doh:.
  8. M

    Cotswolds region - where to visit?

    On holiday next week to a cottage near Evesham, and we've already got a few days out planned already (Bath, Warwick, Stratford, etc). Maybe even Burford now that it's had so much PR this last week. Anyone got any other or off-the-wall suggestions? My GF is into horse/animal sanctuaries and...
  9. C

    Region Free DVD on a 2008 E class

    I have searched the different forums, and did not find the information. I have a brand new E, and I am trying to set the DVD to be region free (Zone 0). This was very easily done with the "Engineering Menu", but I understand this is no longer available. My dealer is ready to help, but so far...
  10. Matt@Felsham

    Anyone know of an Independent with star in the Yorkshire region?

    Looking for a good indie in the Yorkshire area as close to Leeds as poss, any recommendations? Thanks Matt
  11. M

    dvd player - region unlock codes

    Hi all, just bought a US version of Bose 321 gsx system which only plays region 1 dvds. I'd like to play UK region 2 dvd's on it. anyone know where I can gain acess to a hack that will work on this unit? I heard that I may need to upgrade to european firmware first & would appreciat advice on...
  12. F

    The Gumball Rally (original) Region 2 DVD

    It wasn't available to buy on video. All I had was an old 1989 taped off TV copy. Then it was only out on limited release in America. But, after a 9 year wait, the film that DVD was designed for has been released on Region 2, but only in Holland. You can't get it on Amazon or...
  13. stwat

    Breakers in the north/yorkshire region.

    Does anyone know of a merc breaker in the yorkshire region?? Im from sheffield an aint been able to find one yet. Cheers, Stu. :)
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