1. M.Khalid

    How to find VIN with registration plate?

    Hi Everyone, I am planning on to buying a used Mercedes and instead of calling each owners and asking them silly questions, I would like to find the answers to my questions on my own. I know that few months ago there was a trick in to finding the VIN thanks to the Reg number. All we had to...

    Why Hide Registration Number Plates

    Life would be much easier if when I am looking for a used car that the the number plate a) is not hidden, if it's to be hidden behind a company logo then somewhere in the details of the car the reg. number should be placed. Homework on any used car should be done before I set of in some case's...
  3. MikeInWimbledon

    Fast Registration transfer if selling a car....

    I've found registration transfer irritatingly slow in the past, but maybe its better now. Or maybe I was just doing the wrong thing? If I wanted to sell put a plate on retention, at the same time as selling the car, can this be done? I "think" I was told before that I had to put the...
  4. Meldrew2

    AMG / ML registration number

    Looks like a car change may be in the offing. Before I sell the car (or PX it), is anyone interested in the Number? ML05AMG Yes... I know it should really say "55" or "63"... but it's pretty close.
  5. Alex225

    Private Registration - Y111 HOT

    Looking to sell the registration Y111 HOT - £799 Plate is currently on retention so is ready to be transferred. Drop me a PM if you're interested.
  6. rk100

    Registration plate E500

    Hi all If anyone has or knows someone who is selling a registration with 'E500' in it somewhere and it is reasonable money let me know. It has to be able to go on a 1994 car. Thanks
  7. C

    Any one know this registration?

    Hey, Anyone know the registration plate SSU 114? Or know who it may belong to. Its currently on a vito according to MOT checker. The reason I'm trying to find out who owner is because the person was the first owner on my car? and I'm trying to piece together some history for it. Any help would...
  8. Gledsyc63

    Removal of front registration plates petition

    There's a government petition up to remove the front registration plates on uk car. Please sign if you agree. I personally think mercs look miles better without due to have that big plastic registration holder fastened to the bumper.
  9. D

    Registration DA5 2 WOO

    As above £300 Also have DA55 OFF £450
  10. cctesta

    Wurth Registration Key

    Does anyone know if the car comes with a Wurth Key for the registration frame? If so, where is it in the car? If not, where can I get one? Thanks in advance :thumb:
  11. anmarube

    Vin decode from registration

    Hi all, Can anyone do a VIN decode from reg number.. Going to see it tomorrow and want to make sure it has what it says it has. Many thanks if at all possible.. KP58 CLF Russell
  12. M

    Registration Plate?

    Hi I want to get new front and rear Number plate like Genuine mercedes screwless frame and plate there are so many on ebay uk but dont know which is good.I want to buy frame and plate both. would you please recommend anyone where i can get both. Many Thanks
  13. I

    Different Reg. at registration

    Hi, can a car have a different registration no. at reg. and then change. Because i have found out that my car had a different reg. no. On the logbook it does say car may have been used overseas/ registered. It has a different reg now on the logbook. In the service book its different...
  14. jonnyboy

    cheapish dateless registration?

    As per title, anyone got one they don't want?
  15. Tan

    Valuing a registration plate

    Hi I have a registration plate that I have had on a few of my cars over the years, but feel like a change. The plate could be read as SL500 or SLS and in the past one of the registration companies said to put it up for £10k which I can't see myself. Is there a way to put a value on it...
  16. C

    Registration plate tranfer advice please??

    My 2 yr PCP is coming to an end in 4 weeks and I need to take my number plate off before it goes back..... Is it more expensive to put a plate on retention (£80) and then transfer it to my wife's car (what does it cost to do this)? or is it cheaper to transfer it immediately? If I do it...
  17. A

    Private Registration M15APT

    i am selling on behalf of my neighbour, Retention runs out end of december and he just want to make lil bit of money after covering his retention cost. how does £150 sound? Does this registration work for anyone? Please PM if interested.
  18. A

    Registration Plates help!

    Hi there, I'm going through the re-registration process here in France and will in due course need to remove my UK plates and fit French ones. The front seems straight forward enough but the rear has a N° plate holder/surround fixed to the car, which would appear to be the wrong size for std...
  19. t-dawg1

    Private Registration plate change

    Question: I recently purchased a reg plate from someone and all paperwork has gone through with DVLA and iv received my V5C today with the new reg. my car still has the old reg number on it as the seller offered me the plates aswell for a good price but can only post them to me next week. So how...
  20. A

    M15 APT Registration for sale CHEAP

    AS above, My neighbour has this from his old Vectra on retention and he is just looking for sensible offer on this. I have seen similar sell for £300ish but he is after around £250 for a quick sale. Do let me know if it means anything to you at all before i list it on Ebay!
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