1. M

    2 Private registrations for sale.

    L2CHH. Currently up for £599 online. Includes assignment fee obviously. Best offer over £350 F177TTY. Currently for sale on same cherished reg website for £2000 last time I looked. Am looking for around £1400. On retention. Just PM me for details or if you have any questions. :thumb:
  2. E

    Registrations - anyone recognise them?

    Long shot, I know, but maybe, just maybe... All the same car - '03 E55K estate. I've just taken a punt on it. Allegedly it has been remapped to 525 bhp, and the speed restrictor(s) deactivated, but there is no evidence of that with the car. It has worn the registrations (that I know about)...
  3. E

    Anybody rec0gnise these registrations?

    All the same car - '03 E55K estate. I've just taken a punt on it... Allegedly it has been remapped to 525 bhp, and the speed restrictor(s) deactivated, but there is no evidence of that with the car. It has worn the registrations (that I know about) of: V53 VEE, KN53 UYK, and P15 JGG. I don't...
  4. A

    Sky News Jeff Randal - New car registrations discussion

    Just switched on the TV and on Jeff Randall Sky News they were talking about Peugeots worst financial results ever and had a graphic of UK car registrations on screen. Anyone else see this or the obvious error?
  5. Meldrew2

    Preferred Registrations

    Possibly it was the result of too much beer consumed with DrivenMeMad last night, but I am now the owner of a shiny new personalised registration. AM 1 2 FAT It's amazing what you can do from a chinese restaurant on an android phone..... but there should be a breathaliser app to download to...
  6. npuk

    Personalised Registrations

    Looking for a numberplate LL NN LLL, the new style. The letters need to be specific but the number doesnt matter. There isnt a single combination available on the DVLA. Just to clarify the plate is not LL ** LLL. It doesnt spell out a word or is something one would expect there to be demand...
  7. S

    What '12' registrations might be desirable?

    I presume that the DVLA will remove from assignment any that would be obviously valuable but they can't know them all. Any that spring to mind? And no,I'm not going to hoover them up!
  8. C

    Any difference in spec between S-Class (W220) 05 and 55 registrations?

    Prior to purchasing a second hand car, I often like to get hold of the manufacturers brochure on the make/model I'm considering and look through all the optional extra's available. That way I know exactly what options I'd like when shortlisting vehicles to view. Purchased my first ever...
  9. bobby

    New F Registrations

    Hi all, The new F-reg went on sale yesterday and after hours of trying to get through I was successful and bought 2 plates (1 for me and 1 for an investment). What do you think the merits are of this activity - anyone done this before? The investment plate is: F8 AMG Your thoughts on...
  10. Carrotchomper

    Rubbish registrations...

    There are some real classics on this thread on another forum. And no, I don't frequent the "BazPlates" forum, I was pointed there. It's worth flicking back through the other pages of that thread, do be aware some of the others are NSFW due to a little avatar of a dancing lady :devil: There...
  11. Marque

    Personal registrations

    Further to this post: I have taken your advice ;) and purchased the registrations. I would like to know what people think of them. Are they desirable:) or just rubbish:mad:? Here they are: 1) K155 MYS ("Kiss my ass" or "Kiss my S-Class"...
  12. kbhogalW126

    DVLA Private Registrations Price Drop!

    For anyone that is interested, the DVLA has dropped the prices for many of its new plates down to £250 inc tax and assignment fee. I've just picked up one for £250 that was £399 last week! £250 is worth it, in my opinion, for an interesting plate (if that's your type of thing - if not don't...
  13. gaz_l

    Personalised registrations..

    Not related to the other thread about number plates.. My Golf had a private plate fitted by the original owner from new. It was taken off before she sold the car to me, and now has a normal age-related number. I don't have a problem with that. However, I found myself on the DVLA website...
  14. High-Lo

    DVLA Select M155 and K155 registrations

    Just bought a M155 plate for my little girl from DVLA Select. Very pleased :bannana:
  15. marc777

    Fall in new Merc registrations

    Just got the SMMT figures for March year to date new car registrations, compared with same three months last year: New car registrations: Merecedes 19,143 v 24,541, a fall of 22% Audi 25,467 v 22,502, an increase of 13.31% BMW 24,512 v 25,652, a fall of 4.4% Whats happening here...
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