1. Farmer boy

    Adding CDs to music registry

    Erring very frustrated with my attempts to save a couple of new CDS to the car. I have a 2016 C Class with Comand. I remember popping brand new CDs into the player on my way back from the shops and adding them to the registry on the way home. Tried today and the add to registry option is...
  2. balge

    Land Registry

    Hi anyone know what the Land Registry requires in the way of documentation to change the ownership details on a plot of land? Had a scan round their webpage but couldn't see anything useful... cheers
  3. I

    Registry Editor - Files Viewed

    My other half has an issue at work at the moment where she has basically been accused of accessing some files on the work computer that she shouldn't have. Obviously she's denying these claims having not accessed the files at any time. What her works IT dept have provided is a print out...
  4. M

    CLK GTR Registry

    I found that someone had compiled a registry of all the CLK GTRs, so thought I'd share it with you guys :) Darren
  5. O

    Turbo Technics registry

    Hi all, I own a 1989 300CE fitted with an AMG engine transplant and full Turbo Technics conversion. I thought it might be a good idea to create a registry to track the 75 Turbo Technics conversions. I know numerous members on this site own a W124 TT Mercedes so I'm hoping you can all help...
  6. Alfie

    Username/password registry entry advice

    Does anyone know which registry entries I need to set in WinXP to have a default user/domain name and password popup in dialogue boxes that ask for a username and password. For example, I want the following to appear in the username and password box when mapping a drive; username...
  7. C

    Registry question

    Hi all, Daft question but just want to make sure I have all bases covered! Following a PC hard drive failure, a new hard drive is being installed. One particular product that I'll have to re-install necessitated you to delete a number of registry keys after uninstalling before upgrading or...
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