1. P

    Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

    Hi, A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump). As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle...
  2. M

    Airmatic regular check

    While cleaning my 2005 W220 this week I was lucky to spot that the rubber pipe connecting the Airmatic filter to the pump had split at both ends where it attaches to the pump and filter spigots. While the pump and suspension overall is working fine this split hose, due to it's location directly...
  3. S

    Mercedes GL420 gives me regular seat belt hugs...... Help

    Hi I'm new here so thanks in advance for any help offered I bought a 2007 Mercedes GL420 last December, and I had a problem that has got more and more persistent the seat belt pre safe operates when I'm driving resulting in the electronic seat belt tensioner operating both driver and passenger...
  4. shazAMG

    w211 2008 e280 V6 - regular smoking

    Hi All Having an issue recently and have trawled through the forums but haven't found anyone with what seems like the same issue. I found that my w211 2008 e280 V6 estate is smoking plumes of smoke when I accelerate over 2000 rpm. I only happens during this phase. Other than that the car...
  5. RT-CLS

    Servicing - can I use a regular garage to service my CLS?

    Here's the dilemma - my 2008 CLS needs a 'B' service and is now 28 days overdue (on date not miles). I have been quoted £433 by my local main dealer in East Sussex and even more by an independent in Worthing! A 'regular' garage will no doubt be cheaper, but would they be able to service the car...
  6. T

    V power vs regular unleaded in c63?

    Do you guys always use premium fuel in your c63? I've noticed the label in the car indicates that normal 95 Ron can be used but I wonder if the 99 Ron fuel actually gives any tangible benefits over regular fuel?
  7. MercFanUk

    They say technical feats filter to regular cars in time...

    If so, how long until I can have one of these fitted?! BBC News - Bloodhound supersonic car rocket test fired Also an interesting animation on how the engine and rocket will work:
  8. babyblueCE

    Regular spark plug changes

    Hello all. I seem to be changing my spark plugs every 6 weeks or so. If standing at the bumper and looking at the engine, the 4th and 6th spark plugs get really bad and end up having a solid deposit in the tip of the plug preventing it from sparking. Does anyone what could be causing this, poor...
  9. O

    225 tires on regular rim?

    Hi, I got the regular MB rim with 215/55/16 tires on them, could I fit 225/55/16 tires on them? Or it'll be too wide? Cheers :) Olivier
  10. S

    Retrofitting C63 seats into regular W204 saloon??

    Hi Guys/gals, Would like to know if C63 AMG leather seats will fit into normal W204 C class? do i need extra loom for the door controls? Anyone done this or know of anyone who's done it? thanks. boon :dk:
  11. M

    Alloy wheel lacquer vs regular clear coat

    I've just bought a cheap set of w124 8 hole alloys from fleabay to experiment on (Too much time on my hands at the mo), and already have most of what I need to refurb them. The one thing I do need to buy is a clear lacquer as they'll be painted. Looking around online there are various products...
  12. ringway

    Scheduling an automatic backup from MS Office.

    I rely on MS Access & Word and wondered if it is possible to schedule an automatic daily backup of data to my external hard drive? I'm using Windows 7 and Office Pro 2007. TIA. :thumb: Paul.
  13. Lugy

    What's so different about a W140 Business over a regular W140?

    I'm having a look for a black S500L/SEL just now and keep coming across Business Editions. What's different about them? Do they all come with phones? Anything else nice? The ones I've seen seem to have all the same buttons as my 320 :confused:
  14. LTD

    AMG 'growl' from regular Merc ?

    Stupid question time ........... Just back from a nice break to the US and started to get hooked on the AMG 'growl'. I am sure you all know exactly what I mean ......... Got me thinking though. I have a nice V8 (S500) What changes would it take to make my sedate warpship into a growling...
  15. W

    Wanted: Set of wheel bolts for regular MB alloys

    Hi everyone, I will soon need a set of normal MB alloy wheel bolts for the new 124 estate. Has anyone on here got a set, or even a handful spare (eg after fitting locking nuts?) I think you can buy them new from MB now for around £2 each but as it's just a runaround car I didnt want to...
  16. A

    Font: Eurostile T Regular

    has anyone got the above font they could share with me
  17. Flyer

    Regular Expressions anyone?

    I'm struggling with Regular Expressions - in fact they're driving me nuts :crazy: I have a small use for them and am about to give up entirely, but thought I'd ask here first. I'm using them to validate postcode input. I have the following code (not mine): var alpha1 =...
  18. C

    W202 regular cleaning tip

    Have you ever washed your C-class, chamios'd it down, admired it and then gone back half an hour later to find dried - on water stains underneath the door mirrors ? That's because somehow water gets in behind the seals during hosing down, and then sneaks out when you're not looking. Answer is to...
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