1. J

    W211 e55 voltage regulator

    Pretty sure my voltage regulator is gone. How do I know what one to get without taking it off first for the part number are they all the same? Thanks
  2. S

    W211 020 Alternator Voltage Regulator

    Morning folks, Looking for some guidance. Have a 2007 E280 CDI (190 V6) with 202k on it. Just a little over a week ago, I started, intermittently getting the red battery light coming on. I have bought a replacement voltage regulator (Bosch F00M 346 080) to try before swapping out...
  3. K

    Help E55 possible Voltage Regulator issue. Battery Red Error. Need fixing tomorrow

    I am in big trouble and need my car fixed tomorrow ( Friday) I suspect the voltage regulator has gone, as both battery's were changed around 1.5 years ago and the voltage is just 11.7v with the engine running. Terry is busy for quite a well. I am located in Bracknell and will try Star...
  4. T

    Window regulator - W639 Vito

    Just wondered about possible near failure as my window doesn't behave and re-opens halfway into the closing procedure. Anyone else have this symptom? Cheers Mike
  5. B

    Pierburg fuel pressure regulator w123.026

    hi Guys,i'm looking for a source for this part from a 1984 w123 250 petrol/gasoline.(w123.026)It's a fuel pressure regulator.(part number:A0000722517 OR A0000723017).Regards Barry
  6. S

    My first w219 front window regulator replacement

    How was it for you? I dont think im ever going to get over it I served my time as a mechanic and take vehicle trim in and out all day fitting telematics systems so when one of my cables snapped in my 2008 CLS320 i said "ha! No problem ill soon sort that out". So i made a few price enquiries...
  7. optimusprime

    fuel pressure regulator question.

    I could do with a little information just now. My engine is a M103 . And the fuel pressure regulator might need replacing .I have had a problem with the car from day one 3 years ago . Starting it is not clean .But it will start every time .But when it is warm , it starts and stops. I have...
  8. M

    Glow Plug Regulator

    Had to replace glow plug regulator after 37,000 miles not happy is this normal, 2010 E 350
  9. M

    Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) Question - M111.920 Engine

    Hi all, Just wanted to do a quick fact finding poll especially with M111 engine owners regarding your fuel rail setup, specifically the fuel pressure regulators. I own a 1995 W202 C180 Elegance with the M111.920 engine, with MPS (Manifold Pressure System is what that is I believe) and no MAF...
  10. C

    Voltage regulator removal on W203 C220CDI (2002)

    Hello every body; I need to change the Voltage regulator on alternator of my W203 C220CDI Coupe Sport (2002). Is it possble to remove it without removing the alternator? In advance thanks for help
  11. anfieldassasin

    230ce voltage regulator

    Anyone out there with a 230ce know the part number for their voltage regulator? Mine is a Bosch 1 197 311 009 EL 14v 4C I can't find a replacement anywhere, I believe my alternator is the 55amp one Car is running anywhere between 13.2-13.4v when on, if I'm going to pull the regulator...
  12. Stuttgartmetal

    W124 Coupe Window Regulator Needed

    New to the forum. Hi everyone. Just bought another Coupe last weekend. E320 in silver. A few jobs to do, of which the most pressing is to replace the o/s door regulator. Where can I source one? They seem invisible !
  13. C

    W202 part number for window regulator? Or repair kit?

    Hi The passenger side rear electric window has broken on my C Class W202 C230 Kompressor. V REG 2000 (Facelift) Mercedes wants £214 + VAT for a new part, so looking for a cheaper part online / eBay but not sure exactly which is the correct part number I should be buying? Anyone able to...
  14. K

    S320 CDI problem, worst two days of my life (Spawning from faulty alternator).

    This weekend my girlfriend and I were headed on holidays in my new car I bought for £1200, an S320 CDI (2001), when the car just cut out when I put the boot down on it. Red lights flashed in front of me saying power problem, battery problem, not able to start. I did my research and found out...
  15. H

    W124 NSR Window Regulator (230te)

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a cheap W124 NSR Window Regulator (230te) cheers Matt
  16. Lee1092

    2005 cls window regulator replace but window now doesnt seal

    The cable snapped on my window so i've replaced it, however now the window doesn't seal when its shut. At first the window hit my b pillar so we loosened the clamps that hold the glass in place and slid the window over a bit and it now clears the b. Pillar and we thought we had it sorted but...
  17. anfieldassasin

    w124 coupe fuel pressure regulator

    Hi all anyone know if the fuel preasure regulator located in the engine bay in a 1990 230ce M102 engine is interchangeable with one from 300ce M103 engine?? Sam
  18. clk208

    CLS W219 workshop time for window regulator change?

    The CLS is in for an A service next week, keeping it with the dealer again for MDSH and I have a £70 off voucher so no point in really going elsewhere. The car is 7 years and 1 month old and I asked if there was a discounted labour rate for older cars to which the service advisor didn't...
  19. S

    Alternator or regulator

    Hi everyone! I've gotta e class mercedes 02 plate and the lights are dimming at idle and the revs are up and down doesn't happen all the time but very annoying when it does I've been told could be voltage regulator cod got someone to plug a voltmeter on the terminals and was 13.9 is this good...
  20. U

    car gone into total meltdown - battery, alternator, regulator, CPU or something else?

    All, My S320 CDI (01 w220 pre face lift) was showing signs of a fading battery, so ordered a new one with higher ah and cca that arrived yesterday and was waiting for me when I got home. Wire drive car off to work this morning, to ring me from 5 mins down the road having had the low voltage...
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