1. HumberMart

    Rejected an S Class - must be a very small club

    So the 2010 Approved Used S Class we bought 3 weeks ago has been rejected (successfully). Shame, as it was (on the face of it) a superb example, having turned my head totally, with its cream leather, against the black AMG pack trimmings, and the feel good/like a millionaire/factor every time...
  2. @MARK

    Rejected My 2012 C350 CDI- It just turned ugly

    So as many of you will be aware my car has suffered from various build quality issues since the day I drove it off the forecourt. This is my first Mercedes Benz. Previously I have run BMW, Ford and Volvo. Whilst I was somewhat disappointed with these issues on a "premium product" my dealer...
  3. F

    Manchester Congestion Charge rejected

    BBC News article here: apparently the voter figures were about 4 to 1 against. I voted against in the referendum even though I would very rarely get charged by it (I live in the centre and work outside the city, so I go against the flow...
  4. MikeL

    SLK 350 Rejected

    Well a sad day, after numerous problems the dealership have agreed to take the car back and give a full refund. I won't go into full details but the basics are as follows. SRS light failure, Those rattling door locks, Comand shutting down at random and new gearbox required, 7G - symptom...
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