1. ringway

    Fonejacker - Internet Relationship Providings.

    Its a long time since I've watched Fonejacker, but they are fun! :D There are plenty to choose from on YouTube. Here's one of my favourites. zQSY98g1sA4
  2. C

    The beginning of a long relationship

    I am the proud new owner of an astral silver, low mileage R 107, 380 SL...buying a car like this is like reminds me of when I brought my first son home from the hospital-ok, we now have a baby, what do we do? So, I was hoping that the cumulative wisdom from this forum may be able to lend me a...
  3. gt-83

    W124 o2 sensor eha relationship

    In my never ending quest to get my car running right, could somebody confirm my ideas on the o2 sensor-EHA relationship Am i right in thinking that if the o2 sensor detects rich running, it will adjust the EHA via the ecu, and cause my cut out at warm temperature?, ive tested the sensor, and...
  4. NW_Merc

    How do I rebuild after a broken relationship?

    I was just wondering what advice people could have for someone going through a split and how long it takes to mend emotionally?
  5. guydewdney

    relationship advice...

    i know - its not the sort of forum that one posts this sort of question to - but hey - i cant ask my 'mates' as most would take the mickey.. background - broke up with fiancee 3 months ago - slow decline and upset / depressed at the time, now OK. joined biker dating agency. bikers know...
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