1. M

    Airmatic suspension Relay w164 /×164

    Hi could any one tell me the what Each pin does on the relay And where the wires go from under the sam unit Please Thanks
  2. Herishi

    Glow time output stage (Glow plug relay) can bus?

    doe anyone know if the glow time output stage is on the can bus on a 211 2007 3.0 V6 Diesel? Part number A 642 900 58 01 I have a glow plug warning light on my dash ( though no issues starting) and when I read the error codes I get a Can Controller "Can bus OFF 1 2 4 8" error Thank for...
  3. M

    2011 E200 CDI W212 - Glow plug Relay / Controller

    Been looking to see how much it would cost to get the Glow Plug Relay repaired / replaced on a 2011 E200 CDI W212 series. It appears that the OEM part is Beru. Beru Parts Catalogue: eCatalogue | Federal-Mogul Global Aftermarket Part No: Beru: GSE111 Mercedes: A6511530279 (A 651...
  4. Calcifer

    1988 R107 300SL - Won't start, fuel pump relay?

    Hello A friend of mine owns a 1988 300SL and it's refusing to fire up. I have read some place before that the fuel pump relay could be the cause? Anyone else had a similar issue or could help diagnose what it may be? Thank you very much
  5. CLSMark

    Glow plug relay location

    I have a cls 350cdi Anyone know off hand where this is situated? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. H

    Relay diagram

    Hi I have just bought a ML320 2006 and was looking for a diagram of which relay is which, can anyone help ? Thanks in advance Hog
  7. C

    E320 w211 charging relay

    Charging relay for e320 cdi w211, the one under the front wiper scuttle panel. Working condition as sold car. £20
  8. mct_cars

    R107 SL500 Fuel Pump Relay

    Thought I'd share.... So, last year I started having the usual issues with the fuel pump relay - basically, when you turn the key, you don't hear the whoosh of the fuel pump, and the engine turns but obviously it doesn't start as the fuel pump isn't on. I took the relay out, re-soldered it...
  9. Markssl

    Glow plug relay. Which one

    I need to buy a new relay. Loads on EBay. I called a Merc specialist who tells me there are two types one for steel glow plugs and one for ceramic glow plugs. I can get a Beru one for about £100. Merc want £195. Or I can get a relay and plug set. Any advice please? Sent from my iPhone using...
  10. R

    HELP! ML270 heater booster relay burnt

    Hi guys !! Help please !!! Where can I buy the whole unit for the heater booster relay (MB # 0025422619) as it's melted & unable to remove the burnt fuse. I have been to my local MB dealers but they don't have a clue at all. They can supply the 60 & 30 amp fuses but not the relay unit...
  11. D

    Easy question: Location of glow plug relay 2007 E320

    Whilst lying here with the lurgy, I was contemplating the upcoming changing of the glow plug relay. I've realised I don't know where it is, so I thought the forum might like to enlighten me, as inevitably I going to end up doing it in the dark and rain with a slightly dodgy torch and a...
  12. Braincrank

    fuel pump relay

    How do I test a fuel pump relay? I as driving today and the car cut out mid drive. Stone dead without any warning and all the dashboard lights came on ... I switched off the ignition and started again and the engine was running as smooth as if nothing had happened .... The ignition leads and...
  13. eddie007

    relay switch

    hi, looking for Bosch relay switch x2 for 220 seb coupe 1962 plus cold start switchx1 series resister x1 any ideas? thanks
  14. 0

    307D van relay??

    Hello. I have a Hymer Camper based on a 307d vanMB chassis. Does anyone know what is the function of the relay indicated by the red arrow. Thanks in advance.It is not, indicator, headlamp flash, emergency flash.
  15. poormansporsche

    Electric Gurus - Relay needed to shut of Amp ????

    I have a Head unit with built in bluetooth and is rubbish so I have a parrot fitted - which works fine but the head unit has no "mute" wire. The Parrot stops the sound to my speakers when I receive a call but does not stop the sound to my subs as they go direct by the rca leads. So what I want...
  16. S

    Electrical issues

    Hi all. Can anyone help? I have a 2004 e270. Absolutely no issues with it until a couple of days ago. The red battery pic came up with consumer electrics not available and I lost heaters radio etc. Checked the voltage of the front aux battery with engine off. 12.5. Car starts with no...
  17. Y

    w203 12v glowplug relay wire

    hi all wondering if someone can help me out, my car has glowplug light on scanned and its coming up with short circuit to positive i have check volts at the 12v wire and only has 6v running i put 12v direct from bat to relay and the glowplug light switched off till i removed the wire direct from...
  18. S

    Wanted: 84 500 SEC Fuel Pump Relay

    As per title im after a fuel pump relay, I believe the part number is 0015453405. Cheers Shyam
  19. Z

    Starting problem mb c220, Start Relay Problem?

    I have a problem with my c220 -93 that sometimes can be difficult to start. I think it might be some problem with the start relay. When i turn the key all light turns on on the dashboard but the starter wont go around. But if you tries a couple of times it will eventuelly start. It also...
  20. chilsta

    [Resolved] Dead Sunroof Relay (124)

    A few months ago I went to close my sunroof and nothing happened. During later investigation there was no blown fuse & I could hear clicking in the back by the motor. I closed the roof manually and it closed easily enough so I was fairly sure I could rule out a mechanical fault. I looked around...
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