1. D

    Fitting relays

    Probably a daft question but I need to fit a new airmatic relay which has arrived. I assume it is just a case of whip the old one out and stick the new one in? I wouldn't ask for my older cars but this e55 is properly complicated electronically so it seemed sensible to put the question.
  2. Charles Morgan

    W114 250 owners - fuse box and relays area, your photos please

    Quick appeal to any W114/W115 owners here - could you take some photos of the fuse box area so I can see how it all fits together - I forgot to do this before it was stripped, and consequently I have a box of bits, wires and relays without any guide as to how it all goes back together! I've...
  3. N

    no lights, indicators or wipers? wiggle the relays

    Just thought I would share this. Had failure of all the electronic functions listed above on my vito 639. I went by the local benz dealer who said it was probably a new control stalk needed and directed me to the local benz commercials place. In desperation i had a poke around the fusebox and...
  4. D

    Insane starting issue on Vito 108cdi Lemon

    Bought a tatty 2002 Vito 108cdi to do one job and then pass it on to someone else. Drove ok for first 100 miles, except for (only) key snapping 50 miles from home and needing replacement (by mobile service). Completed journey ok. Next day no starter on key-turn. All dash lights come on...
  5. A

    '83 W123 diesel: glow plug and flasher relays

    Anyone got these parts surplus, or breaking a car? They're for my 240td but I think a 5 cylinder 300d glow relay will also fit. I'll add the part numbers later. Cheers.
  6. G

    C180 Elegance - Fuses & Relays - Electrical Problems

    Hi, I have been experiencing some weird but not wonderful electrical troubles. It started with having no dash/instrument cluster or indicators then, after driving some 48 miles, I went over a bump and the dash came to life with all lights blazing and lots of clicking from behind the dash and...
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Installing & Removing relays in rear SAM with battery connected?

    I have a long awaited relay which I need to install in the rear SAM of our W164: are there any must dos and don'ts when it come to fitting? I assume it's the same as a regular fuse, so engine and ignition off, but with battery connected is the order of the day - is that right?
  8. A


    where can i find overload relay on 1986 300SL
  9. B

    No crank and relays in a w210 1999 E300 TD

    Hello, My E300 randomly "no cranks". All the lights on the dash come on but on the final turn of the key "no crank". It sometimes can take 2-4 goes to get going. We are looking in the direction of the battery, as its old, and the relay. (Yesterday it started perfect every time!). This...
  10. M

    190 Cosworth relays

    Hello Everybody, Here I go with an other silly question. Does anybody know the purpose of the 3 relays in 2.5 Cosworth fusebox ( above the fuses) Also I read fuses 9 & 10 should be bridged, any thoughts on that. Any help appreciated.:)
  11. markheaney2


    could someone please tell me which relay runs the following electric windows electric sunroof central locking heated rear screen thanks the car is a merc e 250 diesel 1996
  12. G

    W163 Relays

    Hi all, I have a burned out relay under the passenger side dash - seems to be in a block of 3 with 2 high amp fuses.....what are they for?! My though was booster heater? Any help would be much appreciated Cheers G
  13. J

    W124 Relays

    Hi, In the relay box I can find three items; an MB branded black box, a Hella branded black box (presumably the lighting controls) and a single white generic relay. This white relay seems to click every 15-20 seconds whether the engine is running of not. I cannot find reference to in...
  14. w114

    bosch fuel relays

    does anyone know where I can get bosch fuel relays for a merc 250ce W114 series, i have asked mercedes benz but they do not have then listed.
  15. Sprint-Man

    W202 Relays?

    Following advice from 'Mercedes cozy' (Thank You) does anyone have a description of the relays fitted underbonnet on my C180. The 201 unit contains 3x relays mounted on a circuit board but I don't have any identity to them. I'm trying to find a fault on the HRW-Circuit? Is there a recommended...
  16. J

    Windscreen wiper relays R129 SL500 1994

    :(Does anyone know the location of the relays controlling the windscreen wipers - specifically intermittant control. As wipers on my car work ok except on intermittant mode, where they park in different postions all over the windscreen. Changed wiper motor to no avail, everything else on the...
  17. M

    headlights relays

    Hi Am I right in assuming that relays are used for the heavy current used to turn on the full beam. Where can I get some info ref. the location of this relay on an A Class, 1999, W168033. Any info most welcome.
  18. smoothcoupe

    w140 relays.

    hi can anyone please tell me where the relays are located on my 1993 500 coupe as the indicators and hazards are not working... ive tried the fuses all look good.
  19. C


    Hi Folks, still trying to sort air conditioning, Relay B in main fuse box looks as if it has overheated, xcan anyone confirm this controls air con and any way of testing it, Thanks
  20. television

    Fuel pump relays

    I must have answered more that 1000 post where the OP has said my car will not rev over 4k RPM Now as far as I know every auto petrol car has this feature the the limiter comes into play at 4k RPM in N and P My 124 had it, 129 did it Any views on this please, I had this info in the older...
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