1. Adamccc

    Mercedes reliability?!?

    Now, obviously I've had some of my own issues, that have tainted my view - but I'm starting to see Mercedes as the most unreliable brand I've ever come across. First off. Before buying my first AMG/Mercedes - I had a friend with a C63 that ended up having the headbolt issue, another one that...
  2. S

    C350 reliability

    Afternoon all, I am thinking of getting a C350 ed125 2012. A trader threw it out there that they are not great on reliability? What are people's views? My other choice is a BMW 530D Sport Thanks Nick
  3. buccal

    M120 reliability

    Always fancied taking the ultimate plunge on a V12 but never came close to having enough guts to pull the trigger. I've read the various threads on the forum but still can't get a real grasp on how ruinous they could be to run. On the one hand I've done the Harry Metcalf video to death in...
  4. D

    GL reliability

    I am toying with the purchase of an early (2008, 2009) gl 320 or 420 I need a reliable tow car / 7 seater / 4x4 and plan to cover 15000 miles a year Fuel economy is no major problem assuming 25 mpg ish I read plenty that these vehicles are unreliable but can't find too much specific What...
  5. A

    W212 e220 facelift reliability + real mpg

    Has anyone had major issues with the facelift E220 cdi w212? I'm thinking of purchasing one from auction, 80-100k with MB service history. (2014 reg) What is the real mpg, especially around town. (Using it as a taxi) One of my friends has the w211 e220. He only did 15-20 miles a day and he...
  6. T

    61 plate W212 E250 7g plus- reliability?

    Hi All Close to buying a 61 plate W212 E250 (diesel) with the 7g plus gearbox, it will be MB approved used so will have full MB service history etc. I'm happy with the car but the question was, is the engine reliable? I heard some of the 250 engines have been discontinued due to possible...
  7. X

    W205 reliability issues

    Any common issues arising? I've had the door lights replaced and now the screen and all the controls on the central console have failed. Also the fuel filler cap motor failed early on. Another issue that the service manager has acknowledged is a "jump" feel when on full lock, as if running...
  8. N_Jepson

    C350E Reliability Poll

    All, For those who have take delivery of their C350E, I'm wondering what kind of percentage of cars are having problems. Hence this poll
  9. M

    Hello M-B enthusiasts

    Checking in. I've enjoyed reading the conversations about the C350e Sport Hybrid as it's time to replace my C320 cdi that is beginning to show signs of age (08). I'm thinking either of more of the same (C 200 Sport Estate - petrol) or the Hybrid so I'll go off to the General Discussion Forum...
  10. P

    Diesel engine reliability

    I all. Just thinking I am a member of quite a few different forums over different brands. Reading through them all for some years it seems to me the vast majority of people with engine related issues are diesels. This echoes my own car ownership where (apart from a 200k mile pug 405) I have...
  11. M

    W221 opinions on reliability

    Hi All, I'm considering a W221 S500 (or S63 if price is right). What is the general consensus on these please? Thinking of looking at an 08 plate S500 tomorrow. I seem to remember the early W221s had reliability issue so would assume an 08 plate comes in to that category? Are there...
  12. S

    New to the ML Club. Reliability concerns.

    Hi all, i recently purchased a 2006 Ml 320 Cdi in excellent condition. With 95000 miles on the clock and the previous owner looking after the car with full service history i don't really have any reason to worry about the car. My reason for writing is I've read certain reviews and it seems pot...
  13. I

    S500 W221 ABC Reliability, etc

    Thinking of getting a W221 S500 (06 or 07), but am a bit concerned about reliability with all the technology crammed into these cars. Of particular concern is the ABC system as I know this has a terrible reputation on the SL500/55. Is the ABC system on the W221 just as unreliable? What should I...
  14. spinaltap

    DeLonghi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Reliability?

    Does anyone here use a DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machine? If so, are you happy with its overall performance and reliability. If you had to replace it would you buy another? Currys currently offer the Perfecta ESAM 5500.B at 50% off normal price: £375.
  15. L

    2013 TUV Reliability Report

    I very much hope Mercedes read the 2013 TUV Reliability Report and strive to improve their cars. It certainly does not offer much comfort for those of us who own a Mercedes. The best Mercedes achieved was 27th in the 2-3 year old category.
  16. D

    2006+ E220 vs 2008 C class (W204) reliability

    Hi Everyone I'm after an automatic diesel saloon and I think its a choice of the above 2 models, they both seem to have good reliability ratings however i've seen bad reports of both, what would your recommendations be if comparing reliability between the 2? My budget will mean the one...
  17. Ant-toe-knee

    Mercedes Remembers the 190 E 2.3-16’s 1983 Nardò Reliability Records

    The Mercedes-Benz 190E (codename W201) is one of the most important models in the history of the brand with the star, as it opened up a huge segment for the company - the premium compact sedan category. Italian automobile designer Bruno Sacco, who served as the head of styling at the company...
  18. Cigano

    Mercedes v BMW reliability today ?

    My father am i are in the motor trade , we have bought and sold ex fleet hight millage cars and vans /4x4s for over 30 years. We dont buy as many cars as we used to ,mostly vans and 4x4s ,but when we do buy a BMW or a merc in i cant help but notice the difference in the service history the...
  19. ricardo62

    1999 e 320 avant garde reliability diesel

    ok basically can any of my learned colleagues tell me if the aforesaid vehicle has any known weaknesses in its design ,that I should look out for . is it reliable and also can anyone enlighten me as to what the strange knurled plastic screw with a crescent shaped plastic window is on the side of...
  20. atsa2013

    w211 e220 cdi engine reliability.

    Hi guys im new to this just looking for some info about the 220 cdi engines as I am lookin to buy one soon , 2003-04 year ......would love to hear any opinions or reviews from people who owned these cars .....any advice on which transmission to go for and what them cars are like reliability...
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