1. V

    is Star a reliable system

    is Star as system that works I have all sorts of problems star has checked the system twice now with no faults what is the point in a system that cannot find fault so far with posts it seem a case of change things a see it it solves the problem good for Mercedes but not good for customer. Was...
  2. S

    Reliable MB service dept in Kent

    Now that I have a MB service plan, which is averaging £366 per service (£160 for 2yrs Mobilo cover not included) for the next 3 services over 2 years, I am on the lookout for a trustworthy MB service dept in and around Kent. I am close to Dartford, so any feedback on that dealer is much...
  3. Tim203

    Are cars going to be reliable when they're old?

    I was out with a mate who works for a well known car hire firm delivering vehicles. They do a lot of courtesy cars for prominent car manufacturers. Quite an eye opener just how many cars have problems. So, probably covered this before but when people like myself can afford one of these cars...
  4. T

    190E: still a reliable daily driver??

    I'm asking for my dad, so this is unrelated to my thread about E class estates. My dad is 79, not interested in car DIY but he is thinking about buying another 2.0 190E. He had one until a couple of years ago and loved it. In fact he only had it for about 3 years and it was a little...
  5. M

    Most reliable car you ever had

    Whats the most reliable car you guys have ever had, mine hands down is the Suzuki Alto the pinnacle of engineering. I am driving mine now while the S Class is in the garage. Never brakes is amazing, costs nothing to maintain. Gets respect on the road as people are worried you will scratch...
  6. Gregor

    Most reliable petrol engines

    Hi, What are the most reliable Mercedes petrol engines? I mean, modern engines, let's say fitted in cars up to 10 years old now.
  7. M

    Suzuki Alto more reliable then Merc

    Hi All, My merc is causing me headache only after 3 months of having it and my family is using our Suzuki Alto which is 2 years older to get us around as its so reliable. This reminds me of my dads 190e and brand new e-class. We have always had a Suzuki alto and our mercs were always less...
  8. F

    Best reliable S class.

    Hi all, old timer looking for the best petrol S class, don't mind what year. Looking for something with a good reputation for reliability and good bodywork. I don't have a big budget up to £5000. Hoping to find a good car to keep and look after. We have a c180. 204 running as a daily driver but...
  9. flango

    Most reliable 10 year old Exec car

    A pub discussion from last night, said I would post on here as I suspect some members have run these cars at some time and would welcome comments on them.
  10. Charles Morgan

    Anybody know a reliable reasonable chromer?

    Yes, I know, a rare beast up there with unicorns. The last chromer I used lost an original bumper bolt off my Allard and was unrepentant. I have lots of bits on the W114 that have poor chrome. For some it will be easier and cheaper to replace, for others the cost is high and I'd like to...
  11. M

    Cheap, reliable diesel advice please

    I have a company car at the moment which is up for renewal in April. I am thinking I may run my own vehicle for a while and just trouser the cash instead. The current restrictions from the company are 4 doors and diesel. Age is not an issue. I would basically be using it to do 20 miles each way...
  12. flango

    Most reliable MB 2004/2005

    A neighbour popped round today and is wanting to buy a V8 MB vintage 2004/2005 and was asking me in my opinion which was the most reliable, now I have my opinion but thought I would throw it open to the panel, your choices are E500 (pre facelift) W211 CLK 500 W209 S 500W220 CLS 500 W219...
  13. I

    M113 ML55 - CLS Engine How reliable

    Hello, I am fairly new to the Mercedes scene, I am close to purchasing a CLS 55 AMG. :D Just have a few questions about the engine in these cars. What sort of mileage will these engines start to give you problems? Is there an interval for changing the timing chains and tensioners...
  14. mymini007

    Most and least reliable .......

    .....according to a new survey Europe's most (and least) reliable used cars - PistonHeads
  15. MWCLS

    How reliable is a w163 ML270CDI?

    I'm thinking of purchasing one, as the wife's current 2 door car isn't going to be suitable with a baby on the way, and i dont want to have to use the CLS as a baby lugger! I have read horror stories and at the same time lots of good things. I'm looking at spending £5,000.00 although for the...
  16. R

    Reliable Indy for Selby /York Areas

    Any recommendations recently please.
  17. M

    Reliable Garage - Manchester

    Hello all. My w211 e320 cdi is well overdue for service b. Anybody know someone honest and reliable. I am in old trafford but I am willing to travel a reasonable distance for good service. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! Mubs
  18. ayhan

    Reliable Ebay Parts supplier for my 1992 600SEL

    Hi comrades, Judging by your previous experiences I think you can maybe recommend me a ebay part seller, car dismentlar specific for my gen1 600 V12. Thanks in advance Ayhan
  19. S

    E-Class ... still considering buying it but is 2003-2006 much more reliable than 90s

    After a number of problems such as rotten wing and much more dangerously a rotten suspension perch ... I am still thinking about Mercedes E Class. Ideally I am interested in E-Class 320CDI Elegance but these being almost as rare as hens teeth realistically would be getting E320CDI Avantgarde...
  20. A

    Looking for reliable MB specialist in Sussex. Recommendations please!

    Can anybody recommend an MB specialist in/near Brighton? Worthing, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath are also within striking distance. Thanks, Peter
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