1. MD5

    Planning permission tax relief on probate sale?

    Evening all! Do any of you learned people know whether or not an inherited property, which is sold subject to planning permission, has tax benefits by being sold this way that would make savings on Capital Gains Tax, ie the difference between the probate value and the actual selling price...
  2. Brian 1

    Sport Relief

    I have donated, have YOU...........
  3. LTD

    Has Comic Relief achieved anything ?

    £800 million over 25 years. Has anything changed for the better or is it just a media opportunity ...... ?
  4. D

    SL500 ADS11 Fright and relief

    This is the first time I have owned a car with adaptive damping suspension and it took a couple of days to appreciate the suspension was not working as it should. All the buttons worked - the height would adjust, it was level but was very soft and seemed to bounce, like a boat going over a small...
  5. buccal

    Eddie Izzard/Sport relief

    Did anyone else catch the documentary on BBC3 tonight covering Eddie Izzard's 43 marathons in 51 days? I had seen his Jonathon Ross interview when he finished the run last year but it was only tonight that i really saw the suffering he went through to complete the event. Phenomenal achievement
  6. CE230

    Comic Relief

    The following is an extract from a verified source: My appeal is to please not support an organisation that caves into the demands of a non person so easily. Thank you
  7. spock500

    IP pressure relief valve, performance mod - inline pumps

    Need a bit of help here chaps (see link below for performance mod) On the OM605 the pressure relief valve is shown as No 125 in the diagram which I suspected to be faulty but this may not be the case. The old relief valve is shown below The thing is there doesn't seem to be any difference...
  8. M

    Tax relief on "Use of Home as Office"

    In these hard times I have been looking at all my finances and one area I think I may have made progress in is tax relief on the use of a home office. I am self employed (with PAYE staff) and work from home, using a bedroom as an office (with workstation PC, Accounts PC, desk, fax, copier...
  9. D

    Supermarket fuel price war brings drivers relief

    That how long it takes them to lower the price. A week is a lot of money. Look at the ploy 5p off only if you spent £50 grocery. The most you get out of it is just over a pound but they didn't...
  10. M

    Such a relief...

    Since buying my W124, a lot of electrical stuff hasn't worked, including: -Right tail light -Headlamp wipers -Both number plate lights -The Buzzer when you open the door with the lights on I had looked at the fuses and visually they looked fine, I had tested the bulbs with a meter and they...
  11. pammy

    Comic Relief

    8 mins in and it's already got me blubbing :( :( Snow Patrol Chasing Cars and that footage - please donate and help make a difference - oh and stop me blubbing :D
  12. grober

    Phew thats a relief.

    Mixed Feelings. I have mixed feelings after reading these 2 articles from What Car. :confused: Mercedes and Chrysler are to share parts! Der Fuhrer Dieter Zetsche has spoken -- MERCEDES is now aiming at the year 2009 to hit the JD...
  13. marc777

    100% tax relief on new cars - an update

    Many of you with your own businesses will know that it is possible to get 100% tax relief on the purchase of a new car, even if bought on HP.,Model The list has never been awe inspiring as it is based on low emmission cars, but I...
  14. glojo

    Light relief

    I have moaned several times about the blooming magpies that have invaded my garden, but at long last an ally has come to my aid. Meet 'Donald the Dove' This dove actually attacks the magpie, but as yet I haven't got a picture. This shows Mad Max the Magpie doing an impression of 'Road...
  15. D

    Oil Pump/Pressure relief valve ??

    hi Can anyone tell me if the pressure relief valve on a e200 1994 w124 is enclosed into the oil pump or if it is accessible. My oil pressure sits between 4 and 6 bar and I suspect that the relief valve is to blame. I would rather not buy the pump if it were not necessary. Thanks in...
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