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    W221 abs ring (reluctor?)

    Hope this is in the right place, I've posted on a few forums without much luck so hopefully somebody here can help :-) I have taken the plunge and purchased a 2006 69,000 mile S320 CDi Now as the car has not done a lot of miles and did lie up for a bit so I have been slowly working my...
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    W208 Fastest fix for - Missing rear reluctor ring

    Hello, I'm looking for help please. I need to work out which is faster to change: the rear reluctor ring on 2001 CLK 230 K OR the whole (half) drive shaft? Bought it needing MOT'D started reading the forums have replaced speed sensor, cleaned out Mass, done brake light switch. Finally got a...
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    easiest way to fit w208 reluctor ring?

    My W208 has a broken NS rear ABS reluctor ring, I have ordered a new one and I was wondering which way is easiest to fit it - either remove the drive shaft or remove the hub assembly ? anybody done this on a w202/208 before? Many Thanks
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    The price of reluctor rings...

    ...has plummeted: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace They started at 4 times this cost only a couple of years ago.
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    W210 Reluctor Ring + Advice Required

    Hi Folks, I am new to the forum, and new to Mercedes ownership I have a E240 W210 **********e which has been in the garage for the last 2 weeks. Symptoms - ABS + BAS Lights on Electric Windows not going back up smoothly Gears were sticking, some have referred to this as "limp mode" but...
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