1. pmcgsmurf

    Don't Rely on Approved MB Dealer Fitting All the Parts After a Service

    My 6 year old W212 has 14k miles on the clock and until now has always been main dealer serviced every year, either John R Weir, Mercedes Grangemouth (Arnold Clark) or Western Mercedes. Car has done about 1k miles since last service, was quoted £257 and was happy with this for an "A Service"...
  2. marc777

    Mobilo-life - rely on it for South of France?

    Can I rely on the Mobilo - Life to repair/recover my 2002 E class in the event of breakdown/accident? Or shoud I take out additonal cover for the car? I risked it last year (well it was only 8 months old at the time!) Anyone got any feedback re this service in Europe? Marc
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