1. G

    c250 CDI remap and other bits

    Hi All, I picked up my C250 CDI coupe yesterday (2012 model) Ideally, I would like to give it a little boost and am thinking the best way to do so is with a Remap? Is it worth having the DPF removal and EGR removal done? will this give higher performance gains over a remap? I will...
  2. D

    2017 C43 Remap

    Hi. Just joined the forum. I see this was covered last year but thought I'd see if anyone has any new pearls. Recently bought C43. Looking for added performance. Torn between re-map by DMS or Brabus PowerXtra B30-410. DMS quote better performance and more reasonable price. Brabus offers the...
  3. M

    W212 220cdi remap

    Hi guys, tried looking bit can't find much info on whether or not I should get the dpf removed/gutted when the car goes in for a remap. It's a late 2012 220cdi amg sport with only 63k miles so no problems just wanted to know if it will make any difference to the remap if it is in or out
  4. Messa

    CLS400 remap price !!!

    I have been quoted £1200 to remap a '17 bi-turbo 3.5l CLS400 333bhp, surely that's a joke ? Will it come down over time do you think? I can get a box for way less I know, but would prefer a remap personally.
  5. ACID

    First V7 Eurocharged map at MSL Perforance

    /JXeVjUa9z6w Our first V7 tune for a Mercedes C63 making some impressive figures. Stock: 361 Whp 425 Bhp 362 Wtq 427 lb/ft Tuned: 425 Whp 501 Bhp 395 Wtq 466 lb/ft For further info or to book please call 0121 772 4455
  6. ACID

    Eurocharged V7 M156 Tune now availiable at MSL Performance

    Eurocharged M156 V7 tune Released: Exciting news for all MSL Performance and Eurocharged customers The new V7 tune is now available for the M156 engines Feed back from Jerry at Eurocharged is: “V7 has VVT timing adjustments and a more aggressive timing profile. We also open the...
  7. ACID

    Msl c63 eurocharged remap offer!!!!

    MSL C63 Eurocharged Offer: Due to popular demand we are currently offering discounts on all our C63 Eurocharged Remap Packages. The offer is for a limited time only and is available to all forum members, so spread the love :bannana: The packages we are offering are: Map Only...
  8. G

    c63 Remap

    I currently have a c63 amg Performance package plus - anyone recommend a good remap to get it to the 507? or should i leave as is?
  9. CLSMark

    Remap or not to Remap

    Just looked at the above, I'm putting out 272hp factory, with a map apparently I'm looking at 295hp, have to say I'd expect a bit more than that, opinions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. RickyBurrows

    Remap or Tuning Box?

    Just wondered what people prefer, I've always had remaps as I feel it's individual to the car and works better for it and never understood why a plug in box would do anything other than probably over fuel it, so I'd like to know why people choose the tuning box's what's the advantages over a...
  11. Brownbear247

    Possibility of a remap

    Hi All, My birthday is looming and I am thinking of having my 1998 SLK remapped. Any advice on having it done or should I leave well alone, your input-would be most appreciated some figures seem unlikely currently 197 bhp some claim to increase this to 227 bhp. Thanks in advance Stewart
  12. tommerc49

    B200 CDI tuning help & suggestions (Remap/ Exhaust/ EGR Blanking/ DPF delete)

    OK so I've owned this B200 CDI Sport for a few months now (having initially purchased it for my Mrs, but I have since took ownership of it as it seems more suited to me than it does her)... Problem is, I have never owned a Diesel before and in truth I never thought I would ever own one...
  13. W

    C63 Remap Prices?

    Do we get discount with MSL or is £700 a good price for there Map and £800 for Eurocharged V5 Map? Previously used A local specialist for mapping many performance Cars ( E92 M3, MK2 Focus RS Stage 4 & Audi TTS ) and they retail at £400.00 With a great reputation. Not wanting to start any...
  14. M

    E350 cdi remap

    So my E350 CDI didn't start off life too slow in the first place (265bhp) but with a mere 27k on the clock I thought I should look at my remap options in the uk. I picked 3 companies who specialises in merc re-maps 1. Celtic tunning (didn't even return my call and website gave very little info...
  15. mercmancdi

    Anyone point me to thread on remap E200.

    Anyone get a remap on E200 w212 , or anyone know anywhere in n.ireland can do it with rolling rd or at least proven to do good job etc , any recomendations welcolme . Thanks hope this posted is in right place .sorry if not.
  16. R5RYP

    Remap n/a Engine

    Hi chaps, I have a 2013 CLS 350 petrol. It is a 3.5l V6 naturally aspirated and i have had a free flow exhaust system fitted from the cat-back, mercedes claim that this variant puts out 306bhp. Now i believe the CLS400 has the same engine but tuned to 333bhp. My question is, If i remap my...
  17. S

    W204 C320 CDi Remap

    I had this done a couple of years ago and it transformed the car. From 222 bhp on the dyno to 263 bhp!
  18. JimGreen

    C63 Remap, Secondary Decat & Quaife LSD

    Well, after having my 2nd C63 back to where my old one was I'm now happy........ Thanks to the guys at MSL. After spending a few months searching for a late ultra low mileage example that I intend keeping for a very long time, I eventually found this late 63 Plate with just 10k miles on the...
  19. E

    Vito 109 remap

    Hi, Just got a 2006 vito 109 dualiner, does anyone know a decent place to get it remapped around mansfield/newark/nottinghamshire? Thanks
  20. V

    OTS EC Remap

    What is the general opinion on OTS Eurocharged maps? Anyone got one? CKS are doing them for circa £300 Does it also add to the sound of the car?
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