1. M

    Any way to check if a car has been remapped?

    I'm thinking about getting my E63 AMG remapped, but I'm keen to understand if the car has already been remapped in the past (I'm pretty sure it hasn't) Are there any markers that can be seen through an OBD2 check of the software?
  2. G

    Remapped ???

    Hi guys how would I know if my C63 has been mapped? Or not? Other than taking it out and seeing if it still limited :crazy:
  3. ray d

    Has anyone had a 55 amg re-mapped?

    Hi I am wondering if it is possible to re map a 55 r172 to squeeeeze a little bit more out of it. I know it is mainly the turbo boys that can get plenty but was wondering:confused::confused::confused:AND HOPING
  4. C

    How to tell if it's been remapped?

    Hi all, So I bought my C63 from a trader who had been running the car himself for around a year before selling it on to me. Shortly after buying my C63, looking through the service history I found that the car had BMC filters fitted, I checked and this was the case, bonus for me as it saves me...
  5. trillion

    Anyone remapped their own car themselves?

    I'm looking to do a 320CDI(when I get one) in either a C class or an E class though the E looks more likely as C320cdi estates seem to be really rare at the amount of money I want to risk.:D (about£3k) I know its a risk but with other cars I've done I haven't had any problems ;) and its great...
  6. S

    BMW 123D 2010 Remapped 265BHP

    Selling this as we need something slightly bigger. BMW 123D (2.0 Twin Turbo) 2010/60 Plate 98k miles FBMWSH Black 5 Door Hatchback Manual Half leathers Car was remapped a few months back, got dyno print out showing 265bhp. Very quick nippy car which still gives around 40mpg...
  7. Scott_F

    Awesome Re-Mapped Zillion BHP Weistec Thingy..... ain't. Due to the demise my of faithful daily driver I needed something in a hurry and consider myself extremely fortunate to have bagged this beauty: The price was not inconsiderable (I'm talking well into three figures here) but quality costs. And since I know...
  8. Ash Bhp

    Custom remapped C63 559hp 558lbs

    I thought i share this vid of our CUSTOM/BESPOKE remap for this C63. Made 559hp with full IPE exhaust system. :) 6Y895q3vqW8
  9. abecketts

    w215 CL600 TT remapped to 650bhp

    Might be of interest to someone Mercedes-Benz CL600 5.5 auto CL600 Bi Turbo F/S/H Black Clean Example £9995 | United Kingdom | Gumtree
  10. Guy.Pap

    E280 Remapped today @ MSL

    I took a trip up to see Acid@MSL yesterday to book my car in for a remap and what we both thought would be a DPF removal. When I left there I thought it would b e a good opportunity to do a back to back comparison of the two journeys one without a map and one with. So I reset the trip and...
  11. Phil woods

    MSL Tuning Remapped 600 Bi-Turbo

    Hi everyone as I said in my introduction thread I'd booked a rolling road session and Eurocharged remap at MSL in Birmingham this afternoon. This is the first time I've used this company infact my only previous contact had been with Acid via telephone on Thursday from the minute I arrived I was...
  12. lordlee

    Anyone had their SL500 remapped?

    I am toying with the idea of getting the car remapped after its had its secondary cats removed. Has anyone had their car done? I'm more interested in how it drove afterwards ie. was the response sharper etc after the map and was the overall drive changed in anyway?
  13. S

    E350 W207 Remapped - MBClub members car @ Eurocharged

    A member who's got/had a very varied range of Merc's bought his W207 E350 in this week. Its a 2009 but had the updated 2010 engine, finished up at 303hp.
  14. B

    Any Remapped E350's in Derby area

    Thinking about having my E350 remapped and would love to meet anyone who's had theirs done and to compare with standard car. Also chat about drivability and mpg after mods, did they have any problems with DPF.
  15. 6

    C350CDI - remapped by eurocharged

    In the morning Met Paul and his colleagues at eurocharged / S2Smart in Watford today to get my 2010 C350CDI (231ps) fettled. The workshop is based in a small, light industrial park, between Rickmansworth and Watford. A couple of other garages are based there too, ProAlfa and CKS. I was greeted...
  16. A

    Remapped C300 CDI 4matic

    After quite some research and hesitation, I had my C300 remapped before Christmas. The dyno chart is attached, and the impression is certainly that performance has been improved with fuel economy more or less unaffected. Pre-remap: 251,6 bhp (meant to have 231 bhp) and 570 Nm (meant to...
  17. R

    Had the car remapped and now have problems

    Afternoon all, Fairly new user here, and I'm hoping you lot will be able to help. I had my new 63 plate C250 cdi coupe remapped about a month and a half ago, and have only just got round to putting it on the Dyno, due to holidays and other commitments. I had noticed a rather obvious...
  18. Carabosse

    Remapped cars and insurance

    My current car (BMW 335i coupe) has had modifications done to it, including increases - via engine management - of 64bhp/112Nm torque and limited slip diff fitted. These mods were declared to my insurer and are taken into account in my premium. As mentioned elsewhere on the forum my BMW is to be...
  19. G

    remapped c32

    my car has already been mapped not by eurocharged though ,am I right in thinking the pulley will work with the existing map because we run map sensor and the car adjusts accordingly to the sensor readings
  20. Pitts Pilot

    Have you remapped your 272 bhp engine?

    Does anyone have any experience of having their 272 bhp engine in a C350, CLC, CLS, E350, R350, or S350 remapped? I’m thinking of doing this to my 2007 SL350 (R230), but wondered if someone had firsthand experience of the difference/s it made. Thanks :)
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