1. G

    Remapping on pcp

    Remapping on finance Looking at possibly remapping my cla 180 amg sport as it may look nice but a bit on the slow side. Is it safe to remap while on finance agreement
  2. C


    Hi I have a CLK270 2004 100,000 miles & has a full Mercedes service & thinking of having it re-mapped! Has anyone got any comments on this?
  3. A


    Quick question on it a good idea to have the EGR and DPF removed from the programming? what stage remap is the most value for money? I have a 2013 220CDI and I have been told can push it to over 230BHP and get better fuel economy true or false? Cheers Paul
  4. tingtongpj

    e class e300 hybrid remapping

    hi all i'm sure this has probably been asked before but i can't find anything using the search function. is it possible to remap the diesel engine part of the car and any recommendations for manchester area ? thanks
  5. P

    Insurance, remapping, voided insurance

    Hi there - I am NOT going to ask what has already been asked 5 million times since the start of the universe (i.e. do you declare your remap to the insurance company :ban:). But what I do want to ask - as google has not shown any shred of evidence :confused: - is have you ever seen, heard or...
  6. cws196

    CDI220/250 differances and remapping

    Component-wise, what the differences on an OM651 diesel 220 engine versus 250 engine? Is it just the injectors and the size/output of the secondary turbo? I was looking at S204 250 models but now thinking of getting an S204 220 and getting it re-mapped. But question is if I can simply get...
  7. A

    Remapping ML63 - will it damage my car

    RTEC have advised they can take the BHP to 620 and Torgue to 655 Will this damage the car - 2012 W166 model Thanks
  8. Pondman

    Agility Control & Remapping

    Hi there, I have a C350 CDi and would like to maximise its potential ;) I would probably be going to GAD tuning for this service, but I'm concerned that as they have to flash the ECU to reprogram it that I will loose the "Agility Control" option and that all the suspenion and gearbox...
  9. MancMike

    M272 E30 3L V6 Petrol engine remapping

    Hi, I always thought the 3L V6 in the 280 was the same as that in the 300 and 320, and it wasn't until you get to the 350, it went to 3.5L. Being only a software/mapping difference between the power outputs, therefore it could be remapped to unlock quite a bit more potential. It seems I...
  10. RossBHP

    standard c63 remapping

    Will I get a good increase in hp or is it a waste of money without headers and cat replacement :confused: so much confusion would love some honest answers :wallbash:
  11. B


    Just curious, all these figures for remapping seem very impressive ( 50 bhp extra and so on). Out of interest does anyone know what is the 'real' on road difference? Lets say a standard c220 hits 60mph in 8 seconds, if it was remapped and given the extra 50bhp, would it actually be able to put...
  12. T

    Remapping pro's and con's

    I've been considering getting a Mercedes with the 250 cdi engine as want a bit of performance ( 204 bhp ) but I'm just wondering if I find a better value 220 cdi is it a viable option to buy it and then get it remapped to 204 + bhp as they are the same engine just turbos tuned different. I've...
  13. B Evans


    Gents Talking to a bloke at work who had his C Class remapped and says it worked, better BHP but more important to me better MPG.Has anyone had this done and does it work? I have a 2012 E Class 220 CDI. I believe 170 BHP. I would love better MPG as I use this as my commuting work car...
  14. F

    Remapping a standard C63 AMG… Wise thing to do?

    After reading the post about remapping / ECU tuning by Eurocharge in my other topic. I was curious why most people are so enthusiastically about remapping? I don't know if it's possible to get a Eurocharged remap in my country and what the big difference is to other companies? In worst case I...
  15. L

    Remapping a C350 CDi

    I'm seriously considering getting my 2012 C350 CDi remapped and just wondering if anybody on here has experience of modding this particular engine? I'm not especially looking for better performance or economy, although that would be nice, but my main priority is to reduce turbo lag and...
  16. M

    ECU re-mapping

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I guess this topic has already been covered before. I have a few questions regarding chip tuning or remapping, are they he same thing or different? I have enquired at my local MB garage about the Brabus chip, but got a quote for £1650.00, which seems a bit steep. I...
  17. P

    remapping an ml420 cdi

    I've only ever had 1 diesel car remaped before and wasn't massively impressed with the results. Granted it was someone popping round my house for half an hour and charging £170 for the privilege. I'm thinking about getting my ml420 remaped with GAD tuning. Has anyone had any experience of...
  18. M


    Hi guys New to the forum and looking for some advice which may have been discussed so sorry I'm advance. I own a 2011 facelift c220 saloon blue efficiency with AMG body styling minus the bootlid spoiler which I would like. But the reason I came on was for remapping its currently 170BHP...
  19. A

    C200 Remapping

    Hi, I am new here ,I was wondering if any of you with a bit more experience heard of being possible remapping a Mercedes C200 CDI 2013 model? I live in Ipswich ( Suffolk) and was wondering if anybody here knows a genuine place in the area where I can have the car remapped? Much appreciated...
  20. Guy.Pap

    Any suggestion for remapping nr Rugby

    Hi I am looking to get my E280 sport estate remapped and recommendations in the Rugby or Warwickshire area .also is it possible to have a switchable map done on these cars and configure the sport/comfort button to switch modes???
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