1. developer

    Do You Remember Your Yamaha FS1E?

    Perhaps you should have kept it :crazy: x6 bikes inc yamaha fs1e fs1e`s g5 yb50 convo/MAY!? sell sep-see lower discrip | eBay
  2. gr1nch

    Remember the car you learned to drive in?

    Funny how one thought leads to another idea. On another thread the question came up of "did the cars your grew up around influence your own car purchases in life?" and I thought about the car I spent most driving in prior to leaving home. For me I had the dubious pleasure of learning in my...
  3. M

    Anyone Remember Supercar Test days at Castle Combe

    Was reminiscing about these whilst chatting with Chris (Patagonian) on the Insane Drives thread and wondered whether anyone else remembered them or used to attend? The Supercar Test days took place back in the late 80's/early 90's and were based at Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire (though...
  4. D

    Do You Remember.....................

    A thread for the older members here (including me) Typewriters :eek: (acknowledge you do remember a post by liking it) Ant.
  5. brucemillar

    Remember Me Sky / BBC iplayer

    WHat happened to episode 1? We recorded it on Sky along as a series. Went to watch tonight episode 2 is there 1 is not. Went to iplayer. Guess what. 2 is there 1 is not. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. lxi

    Does anyone know how door mirrors remember their position?

    The car has misbehaved a few times of late. The door mirror positions (and seat & wheel etc) are set in the memory per normal. When I select reverse, the passenger door mirror dips so I can see the rear wheel. A few times of late though, it seems to lose the place (literally) and either...
  7. flying haggis

    sap module will not remember phone

    hi all bought a sap module to use in my 08 E class est and when i first paired the phone the car would remember the pairing every time I used the car,but now (three weeks later) the sap will not remember the phone and the MB telephone does not show in the phone listing. any thoughts
  8. skyline pete

    remember the old days WHEN ?????

    after reading a pre post ..with a reply from trapper john..about giggle lines on stockings...where have they gone these days we used to call um laughter bands past the tops your laughing...:D and when i/you could open a bra with one hand (left hand)...ha ha takes me two hands to keep...
  9. C

    NEWBIE panicking like 'remember the days))

    SO...i got my first MB last week, a 99 320 CLK AvantGarde Automatic with the 1 to 4 gear option..always been a BM guy..but loving the ride so far... When i got the car he said truthfully that at times it would drive 'out of gear' i have experienced almost stays in first and the rev...
  10. Palfrem

    Do you remember car advertising slogans

    Car Slogan Quiz
  11. artyman

    Something to remember

    Compiled following a trip to the Somme Battlefields where my grandfather was wounded twice. So I made this short video as a tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It really brought home to me the pain and sadness experienced by both sides of the conflict, and the futility of it all...
  12. grober

    W176 another W number to remember

    Sat in my first W176 [ the new A class] yesterday. Initial impressions were quite good - quality sporty interior- doors not too "tinny" on shutting- felt like a "mini MERC" . Slightly claustrophobic feel from the low roofline and very dark interior trim/rooflining. Looked a pretty substantial...
  13. markjay

    Do you remember when Voyager was launched?

    35 Years later, Voyager 1 is now about to leave the Solar System... Voyager Set to Enter Interstellar Space - NASA Science
  14. U

    Some people may remember this AMG...

    Was just have a look through some modified amg pages and stumbled across this AMG (again) I'm sure some of you will remember this AMG, it seem to have a change of stickers every once in a while but what got me was the photo with the huge boot spoiler!!! oh dear :doh: Modified Mercedes Benz...
  15. G

    Anyone remember this c43??

    Mercedes C43 AMG...not,E55,ML55<M3,S55,SL55 | eBay
  16. corned

    We will remember them...

  17. WDB124066

    Remember What Winter Was Like....

    It's a tad chilly here at the moment, this picture's worth a thousand words....!!
  18. artyman

    Do you remember the Honda Advert
  19. NW_Merc

    Any of you more mature members remember Blue Thunder?

    Blue Thunder 600 to 700 size Scale Fuselage w/ EP Tail on eBay (end time 06-Apr-11 05:06:52 BST) Buy the RC model :thumb:
  20. S

    Onyx grey S500 coupe with misfire - anyone remember this>?

    I remember this was advertised on Autotrader earlier this year and which had a misfire and would cut out after 15 mins, then appeared on ebay with the issues fixed if I recall correctly. Anyone remember it/anyone on here buy it?
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