1. J

    Get Mot Reminders
  2. DSLiverpool

    Mot reminders

    I went to tax the SL and the automated service said it didn't have an MOT !! Indignantly I got the file out and blow me it ran out in November, I bought the car last feb and assumed 12m mot. Assumptions hey! Well it's not been used and I have booked it in for Monday with no issues expected...
  3. grasmere

    MOT & Car Tax reminders by email and SMS

    Dont know if anyone has seen this site but I will find it quite useful to receive emails and SMS reminders for Tax and MOT reminders etc By the way, dont forget local councils do MOT's with NO interest in 'creating' work that is not necessary - any queries - ask me.
  4. Koolvin

    German GTG reminders

    Please bring with you the following... Passport Car Insurance papers (you may need to ring your Insurance to let them know you are going for a weekend) Driving License (for I.D) Funky Money AKA (Euro's) Credit Card Walkie Talkies if you have them? Snacks, Drinks Contact...
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