1. M

    SLK200 R171 remote locking

    SLK200 R171 (2006).I am a new member, and have a problem with locking the car from either remote fob. It will not lock/unlock. The remotes are OK (red light flashes on operating the buttons. The car will lock/unlock from the buttons on the dash. I have checked the fuses for anti theft alarm...
  2. R

    Remote parking pilot with Google Pixel

    Hello all. Has anyone managed to about a Google Pixel with the remote parking pilot? No matter what I try, they refuse to pair citing "incorrect pin" as the reason.
  3. D

    CLS 320 cdi Remote locking and radio signal

    Hi my remote central locking has stopped working and radio has lost tuned stations and sat nav has gone wangy. I have remove fuse 8 from rear fusebox it was blown and the new one blew straight away so I assume there is a problem with one of the components connected through that fuse. does...
  4. A

    CLK 350 boot lock not unlocking on remote

    I have a CLK 350 (W209) cabriolet. The manual opening (release) handle on the boot will now suddenly not work when the rest of the car locks are opened on the normal "all open" button on the remote control. Please - any ideas?? To clarify: - The boot lock opens fine when either the boot release...
  5. X

    e class remote parking

    I have seen the youtube vid of parking the new E-Class using the mobile phone. I know that you have to have the 360 camera option on the car for this to happen, but does anyone know if this is working in the UK? All dealers that I have spoken to just dismiss it.
  6. D

    W169 Rf remote issues

    Hi guys and gals, First off I'm new here so will say hi and my name is Daniel. I'm having issues with my mom's W169 A200 it's and 05 reg. So the rf remote lock and unlock doesn't work. I managed to find out what the part for the receiver looks like via and online epc and google for an image...
  7. T

    Problem with remote locking - CL500

    Help please! have a problem that seems to have 3 mercedes indies scratching their heads. I'm sure that some of the brains in the club will know what the solution is so here goes: Following a flat car battery and recharge, the remote central locking wouldn't operate. if the door is opened with...
  8. chris3004

    Viper Alarm Remote sync

    Viper Alarm 480xv has been installed into my vehicle. During the setup the alarm module was zapped by mistake, using the BitWriter. Now both the remotes are not communicating with the alarm. When i follow the instructions to pair the key with the module, it doesnt work. Remote...
  9. N

    W639 Remote Locking

    Hi, I am after some help from you technical guys on here. I have a Viano W639 year 2007. I am having an issue when locking. Every time I lock the indicators do not flash and then headlights come on and stay on. Is there a way to reset back to original settings or has anyone ever come across...
  10. B

    remote wont open doors

    Hi I have noticed that the remote will lock the doors on the car and if i open them before the car go to sleep it works fine. If i leave the car for a while the remote does not work and when i open the drivers door the interior lights do not come on, but if i start the car and then they do...
  11. C

    How far should remote boot release open boot? W209

    Quick question as I can't find answer anywhere else Got a 03 clk, when I press remove Boot release on key for 2 second the boot unlocks. I was wondering if the boot should open the whole way? Or just unlatch? As when closing the boot I have a weird creaking noise coming so Maybe the struts...
  12. T

    R129 remote locking & lock problems

    Hi guys After much searching... Finally bought a 5 litre R129 beast. As expected with an old car... Some minor issues. I have read some other threads but not sure it's the exact same problem as others... Start with the easy one first - the key isn't able to turn the lock at the moment. I'm...
  13. P

    CLS 320 CDI - 2006 | Melted Fuse Box | No Rear Demister | No far Remote Locking

    Hi all, My remote locking doesn't work very well at all in my 2006 CLS. It works at nighttime, close up to the handle (presumably infra-red frequency) but not during the daylight at all, and never from far away (presumably radio frequency). It's not a key issue. I noticed a melted fuse...
  14. G

    REMOTE not unlocking car or locking SKL 350

    Having trouble unlocking/locking car with both remote fobs sometimes working, then i keep pressing lock/unlock. Till i get fed up and leave it unlocked or drive back home:crazy:
  15. S

    Remote key not shutting windows

    The remote key shuts the windows (if open) if I point it at the sensor on the drivers door handle. However, tried this yesterday and it didn't work, even from close up. Is this likely to be a key or receiver issue? PS I have a spare key somewhere so going to try and see if that exhibits the...
  16. J

    S211 2005 E55 AMG rear AV remote missing

    I have the above with the factory supplied rear centrally mounted AV screen. You can select to watch the TV/DVD/aux input etc, and there are 2 headphone outputs and volume controls. However I don't have the remote that came with it and without this you cant select the source and it is stuck on...
  17. BAZ-500SL

    R129 remote central locking / central locking

    Hello guys, just trying to solve a issue I had when I bought my R129, basically the previous owner had issues with the alarm system ( Clifford ) that was installed so he had the company out and they disconnected it, he said they took wires off, he said the alarm kept going off , he also had some...
  18. M

    Help! W202 C180 Infrared Remote Control

    Hi My mum's W202 C180's IR Remote Control has stopped working after battery change. The IR LED lights up on button press, but the doors do not lock/unlock (and no red/green light). The doors lock and unlock perfectly with the spare remote though. How come the doors refuse to respond to the...
  19. Dizzy

    W204 - Remote lmmobilisation wiring

    Hi, i have purchased a tracker unit which features a remote cut-out facility. This is basically a relay which is wired inline into the fuel pump(?) circuit (using high amp cables) and operated by the tracker unit via a gsm signal (text). My question is: Could any members advise on where in the...
  20. A

    Remote boot release - E Class A207

    Hi, I'm new to the forum as I've not long had an E 250 and had a quick question regarding the boot release. Sometimes when you hit the release on the key fob or from inside the car the boot will open all the way up and other times it only slightly pops open. Is there a reason for this or is...
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