1. H

    remotes not remotely working

    Finally found and purchased an e220 coupe and so far, i love it. It will take a bit of getting used to, (like having no glovebox) but every time it hands me my seatbelt i smile. The only issues are a slight high whoop belt noise at manouvering speeds, and the remotes don't work. Having...
  2. D

    Access PC remotely

    Someone showed me something at the beginning of this year. Can't remember what it is. Anyone recommendation as long it not trial ware? :D
  3. guydewdney

    Any way of remotely 'stopping' a laptop (stolen)

    My GF just got robbed - someone broke in and nicked her laptop (c/w charger and her un-backed up dissertation :rolleyes: ) DVDs (but not the player :confused: ) - my bike tankbag (presumably to stash the DVDs) - but not her handbag or her car keys?? bizzarely, her DVD collection is in a...
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