1. I

    Remotes working intermittently

    I have a '05 CL500 and the two remotes have started to act up intermittently. Sometimes working sometimes not. Both the "Press the button on the remote" and the keyless entry are effected. I changed the battery in both but no improvement. It has just let me down completely and I had to use...
  2. jezworld

    R230 Sl350 20014 - remotes (RF) not working

    R230 SL350 2014 - remotes (RF) not working Strange one this and I'm familiar with hammering through forums to try and find solutions but this has stumped me. R230 350SL (2004) I have two remotes that have worked flawlessly for 2 years in my ownership. Left one remote in the ignition one...
  3. whitenemesis

    Universal Remotes

    I currently have a Logitech Harmony One. It's worked flawlessly for 3-4yrs and still does but the battery isn't holding it's charge very well (barely makes it through the day) and try as I might I cannot get the thing out! Plus some of the hard plastic keys are becoming see through! So...
  4. C

    2 mercedes smart key remotes

    For sale 2 smart keys, including batteries. If you want more pics, please don´t hesitate in email me. Thanks 40 pounds plus 8 pounds for shipping
  5. H

    remotes not remotely working

    Finally found and purchased an e220 coupe and so far, i love it. It will take a bit of getting used to, (like having no glovebox) but every time it hands me my seatbelt i smile. The only issues are a slight high whoop belt noise at manouvering speeds, and the remotes don't work. Having...
  6. jaymanek

    Funky Flip Remotes for older cars

    Looks quite good to me and the seller has 100% feedback... useful if you have an older car... all of mine have already got a CAT1 so not worth it...
  7. badshot1uk

    Where can I get alarm remotes?

    Hi all, A while ago I brought a 300 te 24v for the wife to run the kids round. It didnt come with any keyfobs although the car does have central locking and sensors inside. I dont think the alarm works and i'd love a couple of remotes to lock the car. The question is can I go to...
  8. portzy

    Confused Remotes.

    In my what you might call a study (spare room) I have a run of the mill telly, video and DVD. Wishing to add a bit of ooomph to the audio side of things I bought a run of the mill mini system which has a couple of aux ins' for runing a video and or DVD. After I had got it all set up and...
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