1. swannymere

    S124 Estate Oris Removable Tow Bar

    S124 Estate Oris Removeable Tow Bar Had this in storage for ages after getting from a member a few years ago, the main beam has some cosmetic surface rust which i've had a very quick go over with a wire brush, it would benefit from a sanding and a coat of Smoothrite etc. The outriggers are...
  2. DanMorgan

    W124 with Removable Hard Top

    W124 E220 Cabriolet with ultra-rare Weismann removable Hardtop - just 89,000 miles. Superb condition | United Kingdom | Gumtree
  3. D

    Removable Mercedes Star??

    Came accross this, dont know how but got me thinking weather it would be a good idea.... Personally, I wouldnt be someone who removed it every night or every time the car is left unattended, but on the odd occassion where I am forced to park it in a place where im less than pleased to do so...
  4. swainsea

    Removable tow bar/ball W163

    I'm looking for removable swan neck tow ball for my 2002 ML - Has anyone got one for sale please? (There was one in the boot when I viewed the car - but seller removed it before I collected, saying "wasn't included in sale":wallbash:
  5. D

    Fixed or Removable

    Have a need for a towbar. Considering the options for both. detachable seems to be double the product cost roughly. I assume the fitting cost will not change much. Car has parking sensors (S210) Any experience? My only detachable experience was that they were a pain to remove and...
  6. developer

    Removable Performance ECUs

    My Alfa nut brother is looking at a tuning box which he thinks can be easily removed and therefore "disappear" in the event of an accident. I disagree, particularly if the accident is a "front end, can't open the bonnet" type. Any informed/experienced views?
  7. A

    Does anyone know if the S211 part of the bumper is removable?

    Hello Does anyone know if this bottom part of the bumper (the bit with parking sensors) removes from the rest? Thanks
  8. Q

    W124 drivers seat, are the covers removable?

    I've just acquired a 1994 E220 estate with the usual problem of a worn bolster on the drivers seatback. I've seen replacement covers for various seat parts on used parts websites so I'm assuming the seatback cover is removable in some way, I haven't had a chance to check yet so please excuse my...
  9. partsspecialist

    C-Class Coupe removable tow bar

    C-Coupe removable towbar brand new boxed with keys and X-Member etc Retail is £615.39 inc vat Cost to dealer is £455.38 inc vat For sale £455.38 inc vat This thing is HEAVY so collection preferred or we can arrange local-ish delivery.
  10. Satch

    Removable magnetic star

    These any good?
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Removable Star

    Anyone seen one of these before? Tempted if it wasnt so much
  12. Laters

    removable w202 Bonnet Star

    I noticed today that my bonnet star was at a weird angle. I know whats going to happen next, the same as happened with my 190, I will go to bed one day and wake up the next with no star and the apropriate dents/scratches. I like the look of the star badge and dont want to replace it with a...
  13. stwat

    Removable star on ebay

    Just seen this on ebayBeat the theiving toe rags(would be nice!!) Quite a neat idea i thought.(though i wont be biding if any one else wants to buy it) Stu
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Removable towbar for Mk1 Mondeo

    I still have this in my shed, Its a removable towbar for a Mk1 (93-97) Ford Mondeo. - You can take it off!!! Includes all brackets & cables etc, Used twice Cost £400+ from the stealers. £80 ono (buyer collects as it weights a tonne)
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