1. C

    E220 cab rear bumper removed.

    Hi Anyone know how to remove rear bumper on a 2015 e220 cabriolet. Need to fit towbar for cycle carrier. Thanks
  2. J

    Vito 120 DPF/EGR removed and re-map.

    Have got to fix oil cooler leak on my Vito 120, so will have to strip inlet manifolds etc off. Will obviously clean them, as will no doubt be choked with carbon as will be the Egr. So now thinking all the effort it will be , should I get the egr valve removed? Had this done on my...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Driving a W202 C180 With All Oil Removed

    How long do you think it lasts before going Bang? CfipRXooCTM
  4. lisa110rry

    Daimler Chief Removed after Racist Rant in China

    Daimler chief removed after 'racist rant' in China - BBC News Just a sideways move though...
  5. bob6600

    Ron Dennis removed as McLaren CEO

    The McLaren Technology Group have released a statement confirming Ron Dennis' exit as their chief executive. It read:
  6. ACID

    C63 Cat Removed, Remap & Dyno

    A C63 that we not long finished work on @ MSL Performance! Shout out to @torqueflow for exhaust work on the car Stock: 447.03 Bhp 446 Ft Lbs Torque Tuned: 522.37 Bhp 479.06 Ft Lbs Torque WDi0qZD-1GU
  7. C

    Asr/abs control removed from Mercedes C250Td

    Hello, I have this type of problem: I planted an engine of a Mercedes c250td '98 (w202) in another car. I removed both the control asr that the abs, leaving the sensors on the engine and the electrical system connected to the ECU. The electronic key, the SAM, the ECU, the MAP sensor, are...
  8. K

    S211 E55 Getting 2nd cats, resonator removed and x pipe fitted, how loud will it be.

    Getting torqueflow to remove 2nd cats and resonator and fit an xpipe in a few weeks. But does anyone know how loud it will be inside the car at motorway 80mph speeds? I have a kid and was a bit concerned. Does the estate mean it will be louder than a saloon with this mod? Regards.
  9. kwardy

    B180 Sport (W246) Removed Runs Flats

    Hi All, just reaching out to see if anyone else has removed the runs flats of there B Class . plus the road noise is some much quieter and now it doesn't seem to thud over bumps etc:thumb:
  10. M

    headlights remain on after key removed

    Hi, I Drive a 2001 Mercedes E320cdi. I noticed that if I have the headlights on when I remove the key the Headlights remain on. Is this Normal for Mercedes cars. My last car was a ford Mondeo and if you left your Headlights on and removed the key the car headlights switched to Side lights...
  11. Mrhanky

    Perfect use of space left after tax disc is removed for AMG.

    Bit early I know but I removed my tax disc and cleaned up the residue on the glass today. Sitting in my man cave (garage) sipping tea I remembered the AMG lounge sticker I was sent and it's a perfect resident for the space made vacant by the tax disc. Just wondered who else has removed their...
  12. ACID

    C350 CDI Ecu needed to be removed to map the car. Power is to the Wheels. [URL=htt

    C350 CDI Ecu needed to be removed to map the car. Power is to the Wheels.
  13. N

    Dpf from Sprinter removed.

    My 2009 Sprinter started to lose power due to a blocked Dpf. So I decided to get rid of it. First step ŵas to have the Dpf software deleted from the ecu. Once this was done I took it to Simon at Spannerz in leeds who cut the dpf out from the exhaust and welded a new one in. The van runs a lot...
  14. billywhiz

    Video: E55 Full decat & resonator removed

    Well had the heavy, lardy resonator removed today ( Cats already removed ) - & straight stainless steel pipes added - difference is much deeper burble and actually sounds like a v8. Not much drone coming through in fact at gentle speeds you'd not even notice it had been done. Certainly deeper...
  15. chrisbin

    C Class front seat storage bins....anyone removed?

    Don't know if its just me, but I'm not a great fan of the storage bins attached to the leading edge of the front seats. I think they look a bit cheap and don't really offer much storage while being exposed to scuffing as I get in... I would just as soon lose the one on the driver's side...
  16. M

    w123 Air intake help.....lpg kit removed.

    Hello, so basically the previous owner fitted an LPG system to my 1982 280ce, it doesn't work very well so i've taken it all of. the LPG mixer it was fitted under here...with silicone (by the previous owner i must add) should there be a rubber seal in the indent on the bottom...
  17. reggie musson

    CLK W209 How does the old front grill be removed so I can fit my facelift one. HELP

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the front grill as I have purchased a facelift one, but after removing the 4 retaining bolts from the top can`t see how the bottom can be unclipped at the bottom of the grill, I have tried pulling in every direction but it just won`t budge. Please help, Reggie
  18. mct_cars

    I removed the grill to clean it and look what happened!

    I think I might have gone too far.......
  19. Dizwen

    Childseat, removed during MB dealer valet...

    Car has given me a few problems over the passed couple of days, refusing to start, and then running ok a few hours later. AA man told me it was the fuel pump relay so I replaced it with a new one from MB Derby. Also booked the car in for a STAR a week later to see if anything else was a miss...
  20. mark_le_b

    W210 E55 Centre Exhaust Box Removed...

    I had the centre bos of my exahust taken out yesterday, having read a few threads about having it done. Good result for the cost a couple of hours labour. A bit more of a rumble and generally more V8 ish! A question though - the guy who did it suggested it would be even better with the...
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