1. E

    W204 C63 Remus mid-back exhaust system for sale

    Steel tips. Only 6 months old. £1000
  2. poormansporsche

    F/S 190E 2.6 Grey leathers, Air Con, Interesting Wheels, Remus

    Hi, Selling my 190E 2.6 Good points ! Really good bodywork, pretty much rust free Very rare Grey leather interior G Reg Lovely 122 Grey Air Con 215K Stack of invoices Uber Rare W140 S600 16" wheels with absolutely brand new tyres (beloved by the VW boys so worth a shed load for...
  3. A

    W202 Remus backbox

    Bought to fit to my W202 C class but sold car and never got round to fitting it. Appears to be stainless tips with chrome coating but some of the chrome has come off. £40 ono Postage will be around £20 Location: Blackburn, Lancashire
  4. d w124

    S124 remus backbox

    Mercedes Remus Backbox | eBay The seller also has some monoII alloys for 124s
  5. A

    W124 remus exhaust

    Hello everybody! I am actually searching for a performance exhaust like Remus or Supersprint for my w124 230E. On, there is none. So, I searched on and found this: Remus Endschalldämpfer Mercedes W124 | eBay The buyer says that it is for the 300CE model. I checked on...
  6. d w124

    W124 Remus backbox

    Remus Exhaust Mercedes W124 300-24/ 320 E Class 6 Cylinder AMG | eBay
  7. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 REMUS exhaust rear silencer box

    Mercedes W124 REMUS exhaust rear silencer box | eBay
  8. NW_Merc

    So I bought a remus backbox

    How much should I be paying a reputable mechanic to fit it for me?
  9. T

    Brabus exhaust manufactured by Remus

    I'm told that Brabus exhausts are OEMed by Remus. Does anyone here know is they are from the Sport Series or the Wild Series range of Remus exhausts ? (I know the tips are proprietary to Brabus)
  10. Blackman

    W124 Remus Exhaust

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. Really excited :) I'm looking to replace the rusty exhaust on my E220 W124 with something decent in terms of sound and quality/value. So far I'm leaning towards Remus, the cheapest I found on eBay is £517... I was just wondering, if that's any good and other...
  11. R

    Remus "Wild Label" exhausts - anyone got/heard one?

    Hi, Think of getting a new exahust on my w208 CLK230k, to add a bit of noise. My worry is that I end up getting something that makes my car sound like it's travelling at 100mph when it's only doing 15mph. :doh: A REMUS Wild Label exahust is in my price range, but I've struggled to find...
  12. EDZ649

    W124 Remus back box

    Anyone good at welding? :rolleyes: MERCEDES REMUS EXHAUST BACK BOX W124 AMG - NO RESERVE!! on eBay (end time 22-Feb-10 19:50:23 GMT)
  13. Laters

    New Remus Exhaust

    After a lot of debate as to what to do about my c250td exhaust I finally got round to getting something done with it.:rolleyes: I didn't fancy paying £150+ for a standard mild steel backbox:confused: so I have been searching for a aftermarket one at a good price. I finally found a Remus...
  14. NW_Merc

    SL350/500 remus back box
  15. NW_Merc

    Mercedes 190E Remus back box
  16. vijilants

    W202 Remus Rear box
  17. gurpz

    SLK Genuine Remus Back Box

    Seems cheap at the current price:
  18. vijilants

    Has anyone ever fitted a Remus rear box to a w202 C230K

    Hi, I recently aquired a Remus back box for my 1999 W202 C230k but looking at the original exhaust, it looks as though the back box is connected all the way to the middle box on one long pipe with no break. ie the original back box isn't a separate item. If anyone has ever fitted a Remus rear...
  19. NW_Merc

    W202 Remus back box and...
  20. KLP 92

    Remus W203 rear sports silnecer

    I have a Remus exhaust for a W203 C CLass: Lierally as new.
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