1. John

    Warranty renewal.

    I will soon be given the opportunity to renew my warranty. I've always been a staunch self-warrant advocate but given the right price, I am considering and I've never been in this boat with MB before. What puts me off is having to use MB for servicing. I've read people who have...
  2. AMGeed

    Comparison Websites + renewal

    OK, so this has been covered plenty of times before, but just wanted to post my experience after receiving this years renewal premium from Hastings Direct. Last year, I paid £282 fully comp, missus included with protected NCB on the E55. So I knew that IPT had increased on 1st June, so...
  3. Baldbloke

    Brake pipe renewal. Front to back on 211. Advice please.

    It is a 2007 E class 320 cdi estate. The longest pipe is heavily corroded at the rear O/S and needs replaced. I have taken off the covers and see that it is only the last two feet of pipe that has any corrosion. The rest is as new but appears to be one piece from the flexi-hose at the rear...
  4. J

    W211 3.0 V6 CDI Timing Chain Renewal

    My garage says the timing chain is sometimes noisy on start up on my 2006 V6 3.0 CDI and so needs replacing. Should I change the sprockets at the same time? Thanks
  5. th3h1ghlander

    Fuel pump (HP) renewal C270 w203 (borked and leaking)

    Morning all, tried starting the old gal during the cold snap on Wednesday night, she would turn over but not start. Tried about 10 times until I could hear the starter motor labour with less battery power. Called out RAC home start and while the chap was checking battery (suspecting glow plugs...
  6. Pitts Pilot

    RAC Renewal Rip-off

    My RAC Breakdown Cover came up for renewal. The letter showed a price of £371. How much? I thought. So this morning I got on to the RAC website and filled out a quote. It came to £261. I hit the roof! I have just called up and blasted the RAC for trying to rip me off to the...
  7. carraig

    Warranty renewal

    Hi all, I have a 350 CD E class coupe with 53000 miles (2009) . The dealer warranty I got when I bought the car from a main dealer is due to expire next month, is it worth while renewing the warranty ? either with MB or one of the other providers like AA ? anyone know if it is viable or should I...
  8. Palfrem

    Classic insurance renewal

    Just had my renewal quote on the E36 3000 miles, garaged, £10K agreed value, free recovery & breakdown from Classicline who are quoting £299. Seems a bit high? I know it says "AMG" but I'm not exactly a boy racer (I wish) Quoting me £29 for "laid up" insurance over the winter...
  9. tcb180

    W203 Rear Brake Back Plate Renewal

    Took me quite a while as I had no template to work off, and I took other preventative measure too. This won't rust as easy as the oe ones that's for sure. For you guys, just trust me on the cutting, and you can have your new plate ready to fit beforehand. It is quite straightforward. Firstly...
  10. tcb180

    W203 rear back plate renewal

    How to replace the rear back plates on a W203 without stripping the hubs out. As we know they rust and the handbrake shoe retaining springs drop out causing a horrible feel to the handbrake plus funny noises as the springs float around and the shoes lean out into the drum / disc. Jack car...
  11. moonloops

    Insurance renewal nonsense part 2

    I will not name the company, but it could rhyme with sucks.. :D Auto renewal came through @ £450, I called to cancel it as I had other quotes around £219 / half the price. They said they would look for alternatives, in fact they came back with the same insurer with the £450 quote (my current...
  12. AMGeed

    The insurance renewal rip off

    Two weeks ago my house/contents insurance was up for renewal, and now my wife's car insurance is due. In both instances I have noticed a sneaky, underhand way insurance companies are boosting their finances come renewal time. Whether you renew or not, it appears with both Admiral and Swinton...
  13. A

    UK Passport renewal timeframe

    Hi all, I recall last summer the Passport Office encountered severe delays. The passports for my wife and youngest daughter expire imminently and we may want to go away over the Easter break. Has anyone had a renewal recently? If so how long did it take please. I know the official...
  14. F

    Exhaust pipe renewal - V230 Petrol - (97)

    Just a quick one, I need to replace my exhaust (the back and middle section). Are there any special technics/requirements in order to do this? as i'm doing it myself for the first time.
  15. KennyN

    First years renewal (daughter)

    My daughters first years driving is almost at an end meaning her insurance is due for renewal on 27/01/15. As we haven't had a renewal letter yet I called Direct Line this morning to get a price for her second year and was told the renewal letter is in the post but if I wanted to know the price...
  16. tingtongpj

    Renewal time

    hi all i'm after some advice from anyone who can help. i recently purchased a w204 250 cdi tourer and added it to my existing insurance which was a very small amount. my insurance is now due for renewal and they want far too much to re-new (always seems to be the way, only want new...
  17. Palfrem

    Insurance renewal time again

    ...and yet again may all financial providers burn in the hottest corner of Hell. Mrs P's SLK renewal has come in from Privilege at £431 The Meerkats have come up with a quote at £178. There is a prize of £1,000,000.00 for guessing what insurance company has provided that quote.
  18. SL350_SWINDON


    Just moved from elephant to esure and saved £264!
  19. AMGeed

    E55 Renewal time

    Just getting a few quotes for my E55 insurance which runs out early July. I have two quotes that interest me, SwiftCover £253:17pa and Axa £256 35pa. Both identical comprehensive cover with voluntary excess of £250 and compulsory excess of £300. Windscreen cover, courtesy car, protected NCB...
  20. MWCLS

    DVLA Photo card renewal

    Just wondering has anyone else experienced theses sort of delays... Went to the main PO with my paper and card license ( card was due to expire end of April 14 ) so I receive my reminder use the PO service new photo etc they relieve me of £24.50 that was on the 26/3. I have a clean license...
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