1. J

    Commercial rent

    Is it possible to check how much rent a commercial business is paying for their premises?
  2. anfieldassasin

    Looking for house to rent in Essex (odd post I know)

    Hi all, Our landlord died and his son wants to sell his house. We can't afford to buy it at the moment so need to find another place. If anyone knows a private landlord that is looking for professional working tenants in the south Essex area do let me know.
  3. ivandraganov

    Rent a car in Italy

    Hi everyone,any recommendations and advice for renting a car in Italy,would be greatly appreciated...
  4. K

    Ramps for rent by the hour

    This will probably only be of interest to owners in Oxfordshire/Bucks/Berkshire. Today I found out about a place called "This is your Garage" based in Culham Oxfordshire they've only been open 2 months They have a total seven 2 & 4 post lifts & a scissor lift they...
  5. npuk

    Anyone here rent out AV equipment?

    I think I have seen someone mention they do this. Need 4 x 50" / 60" plasmas for a function in London. If anyone here can help with this please PM me. Thanks.
  6. V

    B-class model 2012 to rent

    Hi there, Does anybody know of a rental company that have the new b-class (2012 model) in London? I have spoken to Sixt already, they don't have any unfortunately. TIA, Vangelis
  7. A

    Hertz On Demand - Rent by the hour or by the day

    I needed to collect some furniture and my mate with his estate is out of town right now so I needed a van or estate at short notice for just a few hours. So I've just joined HertzOn Demand, it’s essentially a car club (which is free to join, unlike Zip car etc). Anyway, I figured, that...
  8. Gollom

    House for Sale or rent!

    Know this is a long shot, but worth a go! If not allowed I'm sure it will be removed Trying to sell the ex-marital home. Wonderful 4 bedroom family home with huge skylighted loft, just off the M65 so easy access to M62, M6 etc. Bought our kids up here and it is a very happy house. For sale...
  9. bigsy

    MB spring compessors to rent?

    Hi does anyone have some proper MB spring compessors I can rent? I would be willing to put a deposit down on them. Many thanks, Sy.
  10. The Boss

    Anyone looking to rent a bespoke apartment in Canary Wharf?

    Ladies / Gents, just uploaded my video on my new apartment down in Canary Wharf. If you or any one you know is looking for a home from home, the apartment is available to rent and/or to buy. :bannana: Video below :) thanks 8R7FCVSu7ZY
  11. iscaboy

    WTD to *rent* 8 hole 7x15 alloys with legal 195/65

    Basically, have just bought a W124 with the above spec, but the alloys are a bit tired, so looking to rent a set of 4 suitable wheels are tyres so I can refurb my own alloys. Don't have the space to buy a spare set and store them, and don't see the point in buying 4 tyres when the ones I have...
  12. R

    Spare room - Do I rent it to a friend/random/no-one? MONEY!

    Hi, So I own a 2 bedroom flat. Currently the second bedroom is rented to a good friend, however, he is moving out. Question is what I do with the room now. FINANCES Mortgage is a tracker (so is currently very cheap) + bills = £1k a month. After I pay that I'm left with £800-900 ish to live...
  13. H

    A couple of good movies to rent over christmas

    My little girl's godmother works at the library - It's a good place for renting DVD's very cheap. 2 movies I really enjoyed watching this weekend. District 9 - It's about aliens, is filmed in South Africa, and has no famous film stars. It's very original. I thoroughly recommend it. The Hurt...
  14. D

    Small Business rent review

    Hi all, Got my 5-year Small business (newsagent) rent review in through the post. The proposal is a 35% INCREASE :crazy: . I dont think this can be justified, any views? Digi
  15. M

    Commercial Rent Review

    Hi guys, the time has come to do a rent review for one of my tenants, I have letted the property out to a hairdresser for about 7 years and thought that he is a little over due a rent review. It has been let out to him privatly, therefore I would rather just type up a letter rather than go...
  16. scotth_uk

    Anyone want to rent a Veyron?

    Look what I saw on the way home tonight:
  17. scotth_uk

    Anyone need a nice flat to rent in E16 until October 1st?

    Hi All, As some of you are aware, I recently moved from E16 to N1 to take advantage of a really good rental deal. I should have approached the situation with a little more restraint, because as a result my old flat has been sitting empty for over 2 months now. If anyone's got a friend who...
  18. guydewdney

    Trailer rent / borrow for a day?

    Anyone have a trailer that I can borrow for a day? I have bought a 450 SLC engine and 'box from a bloke in Birmingham (along with the front and rear subframes, prop, diff etc etc) and it wont all fit in one van / estate car... I live in Herts, so anywhere from Heathrow, milton keynes...
  19. L

    Garage or garage space for rent in the North West

    Hi I am looking at a project in the near future (that may interest any would be racers out there) and one of the key issues at the moment is garage space to work on a car. Does anyone know of a garage or space for rent (cheaper the better ;) ) Also how many of you have your racing licence?? :D
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